How to Prevent Lawn Diseases

Having a healthy lawn requires a combination of time and diligent hard work. But even with all your efforts, lawn disease can surface and ruin everything. It is essential to know how to prevent diseases like thatch before they escalate into serious problems that will ruin your grass.


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    Choose plants that naturally resist diseases. Depending on where you live, many types of grass are less susceptible to lawn disease. It is important to be able to identify the types of grass that grow in your neighborhood, as planting the wrong type of grass could even increase your chances of lawn disease development. Moreover, planting species not native to the area can increase the potential for invasive species taking over, which can be hard to control and which can be vectors for disease-carrying organisms.
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    Know how and when to fertilize. Fertilizing your lawn regularly and properly will allow the grass to access the nutrients needed to prevent diseases. However, make sure to check the fertilization recommendations for your climate and soil type. Insufficient of excessive fertilization can have the reverse effect and facilitate some diseases.
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    Keep watering in the morning. Make sure you are watering the right amount and at the right times of days. If you water too late in the day, or too often, your lawn will be wet longer. This makes it more susceptible to disease and even prone to weed development. Try to water with at least an inch (2.5cm) of water, once a week and early in the morning.
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    Test the pH level of your soil. Test your soil to evaluate its pH level. Just as with a swimming pool, the soil needs to be at a certain pH level to properly facilitate strong plant growth and ward off diseases. Any deficiencies can lead to serious lawn problems if not corrected.
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    Aerate the soil regularly. Soil aeration will allow your plants access to much needed water and nutrients. These nutrients help keep plants strong and eliminate diseases such as thatch buildup.

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