How to Prevent Indoor Allergies

Allergies can make you miserable. If you suffer from indoor allergies, you could feel like there is no escape from them. Though there is no method to prevent indoor allergies completely, there are a number of recommendations that you can follow to at least reduce indoor allergies and the associated symptoms.


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    Reduce the areas that dust mites thrive in.
    • Wash bedding once weekly in hot water and dry on the hottest dryer setting possible.
    • Purge your items. The fewer items of clothing, pillows, and decorations around your home, the fewer places there are for dust mites to hide.
    • Remove carpet if possible; dust mites thrive in carpeted areas.
    • Wash any throw rugs weekly in hot water, drying on high heat to kill any remaining dust mites.
    • Encase mattresses, box springs, and pillows in enclosed allergen covers.
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    Vacuum regularly, ideally once or twice weekly. It is best for the allergy sufferer to avoid vacuuming, but if this is not possible, wearing a face mask is highly recommended to avoid allergy triggers.
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    Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible.
    • Clean window units frequently, ensuring that they are draining correctly. Filters should be cleaned weekly if possible.
    • Change forced-air filters regularly, preferably utilizing an allergy filter to reduce indoor allergies.
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    Decrease the humidity inside your home.
    • Remove house plants if possible. Though houseplants do indeed "clean" the air, they are also excellent hosts for mold and mildew.
    • Purchase a dehumidifier and run at least throughout the summer months. Mold and mildew thrive in humid conditions, making a dehumidifier a necessity for anyone with mold allergies.
    • Repair any leaks and address any damp areas.
    • Prevent cockroaches by maintaining a clean home. Put food away or dispose of it promptly, avoiding leaving it out.
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    Reduce pet allergens.
    • While many allergists recommend that allergy sufferers adopt out their pet or pets to avoid allergy triggers, this is simply not an option for many pet lovers. There are still ways you can reduce your exposure to pet allergens, allowing you to keep your family pet.
    • Have a non-allergic family member brush your pet regularly. Some recommend brushing your pet outside, but this can cause additional problems for pets that don't otherwise go outside, such as cats. The pollen and other allergens that are outside can end up being brought into the home on their coat, ending up spread around the house. Another option is to brush the pet in a small area that is easily cleaned up.
    • Bathe pets weekly. There are now shampoos designed for individuals with pet allergies that help reduce their dander and minimize shedding, offering much-needed relief.
    • Ban pets from the bedroom. Since so much time is spent in the bedroom versus other areas of the house, keeping pets out of the bedroom can greatly reduce symptoms.

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