How to Prevent a Car Fire

Vehicle fires or car fires are dangerous types of incidents. Many drivers do not know their true risks for these kinds of accidents and, unfortunately, many vehicles are vulnerable to fire threat. Here are some of the major steps that experts recommend to prevent a car fire, including preventative maintenance of your vehicle and other ways to limit your risk on the road or at home.


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    Drive safely. One element of car fires is when they happen as a consequence of a road accident. Limiting reckless driving will help to protect drivers and passengers, as well as your vehicle.
    • Look out for fire hazards such as downed power lines. Like many other catastrophes, the risks of car fire can be higher after a storm, where damage to infrastructure can raise specific perils. Take care when driving in an area that has just experienced storm damage and keep away from anything that could ignite flammables in your car.
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    Keep fire safety devices handy. Keep fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and other resources in your vehicle in order to help prevent a car fire. Some of these may be different from the items that you keep in your home, so look carefully at the newest and best options for auto fire safety.
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    Keep the vehicle clutter-free. Paper trash and other kinds of debris can cause a car fire to spin out of control, so be sure to keep the interior of your vehicle free of paper and trash.
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    Do not transport flammables. Avoid carrying containers of gasoline in your vehicle. Similarly, keep other flammables out of your vehicle in order to lower your risk of a fire on the road.
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    Install aftermarket parts correctly. Poor installation of parts can also cause a car fire.
    • Make sure aftermarket stereo systems and other electronics are wired correctly. Some car fires are traced back to bad wiring in the vehicle. Also have a qualified mechanic assess the factory electronics of the vehicle on a regular basis.
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    Check the fuel lines and tank. Bad fuel lines can lead to a flareup and improper conditions for the gas tank can also raise the risk of fire.
    • Look for cracked fuel lines, bad fuel injectors or any other part that may allow for a fuel leak. These are usually more common in older vehicles, so go over your classic car thoroughly to help prevent these sorts of disasters.
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    Maintain the car's battery.
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    Garage your car in a secure location. Make sure that your vehicle is safe when it is off the road to avoid the kinds of fires that happen in cases of vandalism or arson.

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