How to Present an Award

Don't just hand out a trophy or award -- make the presentation memorable!


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    Schedule a time in advance to present the award or trophy to the recipient(s). Be sure to include as many people as possible. For example, for an office award, include department members and staff from other related departments. For a sports team, include the team members, parents, etc. For a school presentation, include classmates.
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    Prepare a short speech explaining the recipients special achievement. The speech should not just list accomplishments, but should tell the story of the achievement, no matter how big or small. Keep the story "light" - the idea is to make the recipient feel special.
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    Invite the recipient to stand next to you when making the presentation. It is his or her special day, so the more you can do to make them feel special, the better.
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    Shake the recipients hand or give them a hug, if appropriate.
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    Take a picture of the person receiving the award. This not only adds a great touch, it provides an opportunity to share the accomplishment with others who may not have been able to join the award ceremony, through a newsletter, newspaper, or email. It also enables the recipient to have something tangible to relive the moment at a future date.


  • During the ceremony, smile as much as possible.
  • Humor always helps - try to remember something funny the recipient did.


  • Don't forget to include and thank other people that might have been involved in earning the award.

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