How to Present a Science Project

Now that you've made your awesome project which will make your friends envious and have the teachers drooling, you need to present it! Have the jitters? Fear not, read the article, and become an expert on presenting a science project!


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    Be clear on what you're actually doing. If you ask someone else to do the project for you, there's always a risk of you slipping up. For example, if someone asks for clarification, you won't be able to help them, making it very obvious that you haven't done the project yourself.
    • Be clear on the content. You don't want to look like an idiot in front of everyone when you keep stammering because you don't know what the content actually means. Read up on a few things about your project. Find out some amazing facts related to your project so that you can easily impress the judges or people who come by your project.
    • Base your project on a topic you're good at. If you're good at it, you're more likely to have some interesting facts about the topic meaning that your presentation will be more interesting for the class. However, don't pick something overly simplistic. Remember to challenge yourself.
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    Relax. You're probably going to be all nervous and stressed when it's your time to present. Don't be. Take some deep breaths, use the restroom, and keep a bottle of water near you in case you get thirsty while presenting. Anxiety will only lessen your impact on other people around you.
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    Communicate with the rest of the class. Don't just read them your PowerPoint, they can do that themselves. Instead, ask them questions about it, ask if anybody doesn't understand you and, as a general rule, smile!
    • Make sure that you're able to relate the topic to everyday life. People are very likely to pull the classic "but when will I ever use this" card. Show them up by giving them an example of when they will need to use your information.
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    Impress your teacher. Use scientific terms, especially ones that you learnt yourself. This will really impress your teacher. Make sure that you're using them correctly though, otherwise they won't make sense. If you're not sure how to use a specific term, leave it out or ask the teacher. It's generally not a good idea to use a term you're not fully sure about; what if a classmate asks for a definition?
    • Make sure you know and remember the full-forms of any abbreviations that you may use in your presentation.
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    Don't worry if you mess up. Even if you do trip up, just apologize for the slip up and carry on. People will forget about it if you don't make a big fuss about messing up. In fact, some people might not even notice that you messed up. A few mistakes are bound to happen even if you may have been perfect at home. If your presentation has a good vibe and you present it well in general, no one will bother remembering how many times you slipped up.


  • Don't overdo scientific terms so you won't get them wrong.
  • Believe in yourself and listen to inspirational songs before you begin.
  • Go to bed early the day before the presentation and eat breakfast.
  • Practice your project in front of friends or family members.
  • Don't use words that you and your classmates don't know.
  • Try to express your feelings in the project and maybe try to relate to them.
  • Always look at the audience. If you get a little stage fright, look at their foreheads and not directly into their eyes.
  • Never put your back towards the audience.
  • Speak loud and clear so everyone can understand and hear you.

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