How to Prepare to Go Camping

Do you want to get your family mixed up in an activity that might bring you closer together? Then why not think about camping. But if you'd like to make certain the camping outing you go on together is a noteworthy one then you need to purchase the right sort of camping kit


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    Research the campsite you're going to. You should know exactly how to get there, as well as things that would be useful to bring to the specific site. Will there be a lot of bugs? Does the camp provide you with firewood or do you need to bring that yourself? You should also check the weather forecast prior to leaving so that you know what kinds of clothes to pack.
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    Pack the appropriate clothes. While the exact types of clothes depends on the particular campsite, it is a good rule of thumb to bring layers. Even in places where it is hot in the day, it tends to cool off at night. Having layers that you can shed and put back on is an easy way to keep warm on a camping trip. Bring a good pair of "camp shoes." Closed toed, slip on shoes are ideal for walking around the campsite. Be sure to pack hiking boots or tennis shoes as well, if you plan on doing any hiking.
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    Get a tent. Your tent should be simple to assemble, but also provide you with adequate shelter from the wind and rain. Make sure it is big enough to fit your family, as well as all your gear.
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    Pick a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag that you choose is dependent on your destination—if you expect low temperatures at night, you should make sure to get one that will keep you warm. However, if it's going to be hot, a thin one is probably best.
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    Pack the necessary electronics. Remember that cell phones may or may not have service at your destination. Likewise, there probably won't be a place to easily buy batteries etc, so make sure you bring backups, or, better yet, have windup flashlights and radios.
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    Bring a first aid kit. You can buy a premade one at any outdoor store, or you can make one.
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    Plan a camping menu. Make a grocery list so you remember to get the ingredients that you don't already have. Most campsites will provide you with a grill over the fire, but you may also want to bring a camping stove. If you're going to be gone for a while, be sure to bring a cooler and have access to ice to keep your perishable items cold. If desired, print out recipes to bring with you. The U.S. Scouting Service Project has an extensive list of dishes that can be cooked while camping.

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