How to Prepare the House for Christmas

Many people find Christmas to be a hassle, but often these people just don't know where to begin, or where to go next after they've begun. This article will help guide you as you prepare your home for Christmas.


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    Clean the house. The decorations won't look nearly as pretty if they're nestled in with cobwebs. Give the house a deep clean, dust, vacuum, mop, and polish. Do all the laundry, or have everyone do their own if they're old enough. Bring in any potted plants from outside if they won't survive the cold and rake up any leaves left over from fall. If you have children, have them clean their rooms just as thoroughly, telling them that Santa may not come if they don't. You can also use this as a time for them to go through their toys and pick a few to donate to a charity or thrift store. If any toys are broken, throw them out.
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    Set up the lights. If you already have lights, use them; if you don't wish to use the existing lights, or you want different lights, go to the store and buy new ones. There are no right or wrong lights, it's just a matter of personal taste. Be sure to buy plenty of light hooks and nails while you are out. If you are buying new lights, understand what you want to do with them first. Are you stringing them up just around the room on the side facing the street? Are you putting stripes across your roof? Know approximately how many feet you want to cover and where before shopping.
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    Put up the Tree. You can buy one at a Christmas tree lot or use an artificial tree if you prefer. Put the lights on the tree first, wrapping them in and out of the branches for a fully "lit-up" look. Next comes garland, if you're using it, and then the ornaments. If you like, do the actual decorating as a family, letting everyone put on their favorite ornaments. Put the tree topper on. This could be a star, an angel, or something else entirely. Again, it's a personal choice.
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    Put out other decorations. Do you collect Santa figurines or Nutcracker figures? Do you have a holiday table runner or Christmas throw pillows? Now is the time to set them out!
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    Make a Gingerbread house. You can buy kits to make them or make them from scratch. They don't have to look store bought perfect, just put candy and icing wherever it looks good to you!
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    Make cookies. If they're in danger of all being eaten before Santa gets there, tuck a few away or plan on making another batch closer to Christmas Eve. Gingerbread men and Sugar cookies are popular choices. Don't think it's just the children who can decorate cookies!
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    Buy presents. Make a list and check it twice, of who you're buying for and what you want to give them. Make sure the cost of each gift will fit into your budget before you do any shopping. Once you're bought the presents, wrap them up! Store bought wrapping paper, newspaper (especially the comics pages), brown paper from grocery bags, and gift bags are all options. Ribbons, raffia, or fabric scraps can be used to top them off. Don't forget the tag saying who it's for!
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    Put some of the presents under the tree. If you have children, it's best not to put any presents to them under the tree until closer to Christmas. If you have aunts, uncles, other relatives, friends, or neighbors coming by that you've shopped for, put their gifts under the tree. It makes it look very Christmasy.
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  • If you have children, try to include them whenever possible. They can hand you your hammer and hooks/nails when you're setting up the lights, decorate cookies or the gingerbread house, put ornaments on the tree, and make gifts for relatives.
  • Necco Wafers, Sugar Wafers, and candy Lego blocks make great roofs and pathways for your gingerbread house.
  • Remember Christmas will not be ruined if you don't get all of the decorations up on time, or if someone missed a cobweb in the corner. Christmas is a time for loved ones, it will only stress you out if you treat it like a moment for a magazine cover.


  • If you have pets, make sure they can't get at the tree. They can knock it over, break ornaments, rip into presents, and get hurt themselves.
  • Be careful when setting up the lights! Make sure the ladder is firmly positioned and always have someone nearby in case of an accident. Never allow children on the ladder.
  • Don't eat or let anyone else eat raw cookie dough!

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