How to Prepare the Guest Bedroom

Are you having some guests stay at your house overnight? Are you rushing around madly trying to prepare for their arrival? Follow these simple steps and your loved ones will feel like they have stayed at a charming little bed and breakfast.


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    Clean the room. Start by dusting the room. Vacuum or mop the floor. Also, be sure to clean any mirrors as your guests will surely want to see if they look as good as your room makes them feel!
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    Prepare the bed. Take off the old sheets and make up the bed with fresh, clean ones. Pile up the pillows and turn down the sheets to create an inviting place to curl up.
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    Make some space for your guests. This may mean putting away some items, clearing out a drawer and/or cleaning out the closet. Be sure to leave some empty hangers for guests too.
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    Add a warm and welcoming touch to the room. By adding the next few items you can make your guests feel more comfortable during their stay:
    • clean towels
    • an alarm clock - make sure the alarm is off though!
    • a box of tissues
    • a reading lamp and some magazines or one of your favorite books
    • a bedside carafe with fresh water, or at least a clean glass
    • an extra blanket if it's cool out, or a fan if it's warm
    • Provide some simple luxuries for your guests like a robe, chocolates and a vase with fresh flowers.
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    Clean the bathroom. Clean the bathroom as usual, and make sure there is soap, a clean hand towel and ample toilet paper. It is also a good idea to make sure there is a plunger visible to prevent guests from having to ask. If guests are staying more than a night, empty a drawer or clear a space on the counter for their toiletries.
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    Leave a note. Don't make your guests have to ask or guess where to find basic items like a hairdryer or iron. If you can't leave things out in plain view, leave a simple note in the bedroom explaining where each item is kept and any instructions they may need to know. *This is especially helpful if there is a TV in the guest bedroom with either a tricky remote or different channels than the guest is familiar with.
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    Share your schedule.. If you tend to sleep late or need to be up and out in the morning, let your guests know before you head to bed. This will help if you need to coordinate using a single bathroom and early risers will appreciate knowing whether or not they should wait for you for breakfast, and if not, where they can find something to eat and how they can get a cup of coffee or tea.


  • Surprise your guests with a basket full of thoughtful treats. Some items you may want to include are: a journal, pens, a few books, a disposable camera, slippers, extra toiletries.
  • If guests are visiting from far away, help them get to know your hometown by providing a list of local points of interest and an area map, leave out regional magazines and share your morning paper.
  • Do your guests a favor and leave them some basic toiletries in case they forgot or run out. This should include an extra toothbrush in its original packaging, toothpaste, facewash, lotion, shampoo and conditioner. If you have them, perfumes, hair products, disposable razors, shaving cream and travel-size deodorants are also helpful.
  • Make the morning easier on you and your guests by putting out cups, bowls, utensils and non-refrigerated foods the night before. Do coffee-drinkers a favor and set your coffeemaker on auto brew--the lovely aroma will wake everyone with a smile!


  • Be sure to explain particulars about electrical outlets, switches or any item that requires caution or special instructions to use. This may include electronic equipment, room or closet doors, drawers, chairs or windows. A good way to identify these concerns is to think about what usually happens when guests come to visit, and write down any new questions you receive.

Things You'll Need

  • A space for your guests with a proper or convertible bed
  • Clean sheets, pillows and blankets
  • Towels and basic toiletries

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