How to Prepare Party Food (for Kids)

Being a kid, it may be harder to cater to a party. You cannot use the stove, for example. However, there are other things that you can do.


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    Offer to make the desserts. Making desserts are often the easiest and almost anyone can make them. Buy a brownie mix, and bake the brownies as directed. Be careful with the oven. You can also make a vanilla cake and spread it with cream-cheese or chocolate frosting.
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    Make puddings and jello-s. Many mixes just require water or milk. For the puddings, you will need to blend the mix with milk and store this in the fridge for five minutes. Jello preparation is similar, but requires water instead, with perhaps a longer time in the fridge. Follow the directions on the package.
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    Try making top ramen noodles, or other such noodles. Even if microwave directions are not available, you can make them. For example, fill up a large dish with water and the noodles. Cover and microwave, stirring the noddles occasionally. Eventually, they can be cooked. Next, strain the noddles by draining out the water through a strainer and mix in the seasoning.
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    Appetizers are very easy to make as well. Certain appetizers, such as Quesadilla bites, are not hard to make. Microwave pre-cooked shredded chicken, which can be purchased in packs. In the middle of two tortillas, layer the chicken, salsa, cheese, and any other ingredients of your choosing and microwave again, with the cheese fastening the ingredients together. Afterwards, exercising careful knife safety, cut up the Quesadillas into little bites.
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    Pre-cooked soups are great appetizers or starters. You can buy large containers of soups to be microwaved in most stores. Buy two or three containers and empty the contents into a large microwaveable container and heat until it is hot. Portion the soup into small bowls and garnish the bowls with sour cream, with crackers on the side.


  • Offer to help an adult. Teens can help by chopping foods like beans, or even blending smoothies by hand.


  • Never use unsafe appliances. Always have adult permission before cooking anything.

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