How to Prepare for Wikimania

Wikimania is an annual event that allows different users of the wiki culture to come together and share their knowledge. Attended by hundreds and more recently over a thousand, the conference is held in various large cities across the world offering plenty of opportunities to spend time with new and old friends, learn about wikis and even get in some sightseeing. If you're interested in attending Wikimania, this article offers steps on preparing for it.


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    Learn about what Wikimania is and when and where it will be held. The date and location change each year, so be sure to start preparing as soon as both are announced.
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    Get a passport if you don't own one already. Skip this step if Wikimania will take place in the country where you live.
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    Find out if you will need a visa. International attendees will likely only need a basic visa as Wikimania does not last longer than a few days.
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    Start looking for flights as soon as possible. You might get lucky and find a surprisingly good deal on airfare, the earlier the better.
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    Talk to some Wikimania "veterans" who can let you know what to expect. Ask around on the wiki you contribute to most; someone there has likely attended the event before.
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    Insure your possessions and do not take anything you cannot afford to lose with you. Unfortunately, Wikimania attendees have been victims of theft in the past, so use common sense and don't flaunt jewelry or other expensive items. Always keep an eye on your belongings while attending the event.
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    Bring receipts of as many of your possessions as you can if they appear new. You don't want to have to pay customs for your own equipment.
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    Be prepared for the time difference. You might want to arrive a day or so early, if possible, to allow you time to recover from jet lag. Use a world clock to know the time at the conference site.
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    Dress appropriately. You want to be aware of the weather as well as the customs of the part of the world you will be visiting.

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