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The easy going days of summer have passed and now it's time to prepare yourself to get back to school, but with the ease of summer your personal care routine may have altered and you won't be able to top up your make-up or even wear as much as you wore all summer, this article will help you organise your school bag to make you feel gorgeous and ready to face the workload.


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    Shower regularly. Make sure you shower every morning, or the night before if you are slow to get ready in the morning.
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    Wash your hair every second day, but if you feel it getting greasy or smelly you can always use Dry Shampoo to freshen up in between washes.
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    Shaving. If you're under the age of 14 or you aren't allowed to shave yet you can skip this step, but like most things once you've started it's almost impossible to stop. So try to keep your legs and wherever else soft and shaved.
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    That summer glow will soon fade fast, and for school tan is never a good idea. It can often stink and will ruin your clothes. Try using a gradual tanning moisturizer after your shower so you can lock in that glow all year round. Remember, the cheese puff look is never in fashion.
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    If you're growing your hair, or you have a short hairstyle that's high maintenance, it's always advisable to check in for a hair cut (even if it's just a small trim) every 6 - 8 weeks. This can just keep split ends at bay and will stop your hair from looking dull and lifeless. Trying a new hairstyle frequently is also a great way to reinvent your look if you're feeling a little bit bored.
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    Nails. It's best for school to keep nails reasonably short, and all in all never excessively long and never fake. If you want to paint them try a French Manicure or just a clear top coat for a glossy finish. Even toenails are important, and you should always keep them cut properly to avoid ruining your shoes with sharp nails. Remember to cut straight across (not curved) to prevent ingrown toenails.
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    Remember to wash your face. This is essential in preventing the appearance of spots and blackheads, and your skin will thank you too as it will look much healthier. This is especially important if you wear make-up, as applying more and more layers each day without cleansing them away can really take its toll on your pores.
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    Pack your school bag. Now, most importantly the stuff you remember in your bag can really help in those crisis situations. For example, a runny nose or a smelly lunch can quickly be sorted without too much embarrassment added on to your day. Try to buy mini sizes so you don't take up lots of space in your school bag. Keep in a little pouch:
    • 2 Packs of gum
    • Vaseline or other lip balm
    • Small moisturiser pot
    • Breath Spray (optional)
    • Kleenex or any other tissue pouch
    • Antibacterial gel
    • Oil Blotting sheets
    • Compact Mirror
    • Mini Mascara
    • Sanitary pads/Tampons
    • Tweezers
      • These items can be a total life saver when you're stuck in a situation at school or college. It helps not to advertise your preparation too much because people commonly take advantage of this and you'll eventually be left with next to nothing. Especially not the gum. If people are pestering you for gum, it really begins to grind on your nerves try carrying an empty gum packet to show them if they don't believe that you're chewing your last piece (even if you're not). Remember to only bring what you really need to avoid your school bag becoming to heavy!
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    If you wear a blazer, or have front pockets in your bag, it can help to keep necessities like your phone, iPod and headphones, Bus Pass and Keys nearby just so you don't have to spend too much time hunting for them when you're on the way home or rushing to your locker between classes.
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    All in all, don't wear too much make up and try not to do things just because everyone else is. At the end of it all you'll be more respected for not following the crowd than the girl who looked ridiculous trying to keep on top of the crowd. Mascara, Tinted Moisturiser and some lip balm is more than enough for a day at school. Save the smoky eyes for the weekend!


  • Keeping a groomed look will always help, clean hair, clean teeth and clean skin are all you ever need to concentrate on to really enhance your natural beauty.
  • Just keeping it natural is always rule number one. Don't cake on make-up because you're not doing yourself any favours.
  • Using a nice perfume and deodorant can keep you smelling sweet in addition to the sweet smell of shower gel and shampoo.
  • Don't keep your essential items amongst your books as they'll quickly get ruined and dirty and sometimes may even leak and just ruin your books.
  • Wear appropriate clothes. You don't want to go to the office and have to call home to get another change of clothes.
  • Spots happen to the best of us! Relax, it doesn't look that bad. Trying to cover it up with layer upon layer of make up will only aggravate your skin further and you could end up with more spots. Try using a spot fighting range like Freederm or any treatment that contains Salicylic Acid to get rid of spots as quickly as possible.
  • Don't let other people see your emergency kit, especially boys because it can embarrassing.
  • Don't be embarrassed if someone see's your emergency kit. It's not like it's for a disease, if boys are grossed out then they are just immature, you don't need to hide it.


  • Always adhere to your school rules! There's no point in looking good if you're cooped up in detention where no one can see you.
  • Less is more.
  • Keep your phone on silent when you're in school, better yet - turn it completely off to save the trouble of getting it confiscated if the temptation arrives to text your friend in the middle of class.
  • Listen to your parents, they do know what's best for you.
  • If you're allergic to any items in make up, don't use it!

Things You'll Need

  • Small make-up pouch
  • Vaseline/Chapstick
  • Blotting paper
  • Breath spray
  • Gum
  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Moisturizer
  • Sanitary towels/Tampon
  • School bag
  • Confidence

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