How to Prepare for the Life Insurance Medical Exam

A life insurance medical exam is one of the most crucial factors that determine how much your premiums will cost. It generally includes the recording of your height and weight, blood pressure, collection of blood and urine samples, and sometimes an EKG (electrocardiogram), apart from a written form that states your underlying medical conditions. Here’s how you can still prepare for the exam so that you enter it in the best shape possible:


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    # A week before the exam
    • Avoid alcohol and tobacco. You can’t get away with claiming you’ve never done it, but the lower the level of nicotine in your system, the cheaper your premiums will be. The same goes for blood alcohol levels.
    • Avoid red meat and unhealthy food. High cholesterol levels can also raise insurance rates greatly, so avoid red meat, junk food, and the like in the week leading up to your exam.
    • Hydrate. Drink at least three liters of water every day. This is the human body’s inbuilt detoxification process, and if you’re well hydrated, you’ll produce a cleaner urine sample.
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    # The night before the exam
    • Sleep well. A minimum of eight hours of sleep should be your target for the night before the exam. This will keep your blood pressure in control.
    • Fast. Don’t eat anything for supper the night before your exam. The eight-hour principle applies here too, although if you can avoid eating for up to twelve hours before your exam, that would be even better.
    • Avoid painkillers. Painkillers will prove detrimental to your test results, as they tend to elevate liver function levels, and this will lead to bad scores on the test and even possible denial of insurance.
    • Skip exercise. Exercising strenuously the day before will skew your blood and urine test results.
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    # The day of the exam
    • Skip meals. Don’t eat anything before your exam.
    • Avoid caffeine.Tea, Coffee and soda all contain caffeine. Caffeine in your system will result in elevated blood pressure levels, so steer clear of all caffeinated products before the exam.
    • Lie down for an EKG. If an EKG is required, insist on lying down for the test, as this generally produces better results.
    • Prescription medications. Don’t skip these, and mention them to whoever is conducting the exam. Take the medication itself and a copy of the prescription with you, if possible.
    • Don’t lie about medical conditions. As mentioned earlier, you can lose out on insurance coverage if it is found that you covered up about underlying medical conditions, so there’s nothing to be gained by lying.
    • Keep your medical records in order. Since you will almost certainly be asked about your medical history, make sure you’re carrying all your medical records with you, and have all the information ready. Good preparation will mean there’s no scope for confusion or doubt.

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