How to Prepare for ROT Rally Motorcycle Trip

Nothing can be more fun than riding your way to the event. You’ll meet plenty of newfound friends along the way. There will be amazing scenic views while you ride. But before getting excited about the rally experience, you need to plan your trip to Austin to ensure you’ll enjoy your 4 day motorcycle Woodstock. Follow these steps to be guided and avoid forgetting the essentials.


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    Plan your itinerary to Austin; calculate how far you are going to ride. Determine how many miles you’ll be riding per day based on your previous road trips. Trace the towns you are planning to sleep or stop at. If this is your first time, you may ask an experienced friend or biker to serve as your basis for the itinerary. A road map, GPS, or a simple mobile phone that has Internet connection can be of use when driving in unfamiliar routes.
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    Surf the web for camping grounds, lodges, inns, and motels that will be along your way, so it will be convenient to stop over and recharge for the next day. Make early reservations ahead of time so you’ll be sure to get a place to rest during your journey. During peak season like ROT Rally, rates can insanely double as the kick off date approaches. Getting early reservations for places to stay in event location is a must. You don’t want to find yourself looking for a place to stay when everybody is having fun. You could miss an activity or your favorite band. If you run out of lodging options, try the outskirts of town or neighboring cities, perhaps Round Rock.Usually, the official website of the event provides links and contact numbers for hotel, RV and tent camping partners.
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    Have your bike checked by a mechanic early on. Get it tuned up at least a month before to avoid trouble on the road. Make sure you bring your tool bag, that has all the essential tools like wrenches and such just in case it breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Or at least have a roadside service number handy. Roadside assistance can save the day when you need them.
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    Bring extra clothes and a raincoat depending on the area you’ll be traveling in. Make sure you wear the proper safety gear for protection. Remember, a strong half helmet is the way to go to have a panoramic view of the Texas countryside. Bring quick energy snacks like candy bars, peanuts, granola bars, power bars, dried fruit, and water to quench your thirst just in case. They don't take up much room in a saddlebag.
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    Pack light, since you can get laundry services or wash your clothes yourself while at the rally. Include any camping gear, cooking essentials and toiletries.


  • If you do decide to ride without a helmet, make sure to have proper documentation on your person, showing you have been through an approved motorcycle safety course and have the minimum amount of insurance coverage pertaining to the helmet exemption law.

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