How to Prepare for Grade 7 in a Gifted Class

Congratulations! You've made it through primary and junior and you are now on your way to becoming an intermediate! It's your first day of gifted grade 7 and you have no idea what to do? Not to worry! The guide below will explain everything!


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    Do some back to school shopping for clothes! Set a budget with your parents so that you know your price range. Chose a day when you have nothing else on and go to a nearby mall. Do not go with your friends! If you want to get things done, your friends are not the people you want to go shopping with. Not only will you get distracted, but they may pressure you to buy more or less than you should. Your mom or dad, although they're embarrassing, are your best option. Go to stores that you know have good styles and prices. Don't buy anything you're not comfortable in! Also, make sure your clothes don't break the dress code! Your teachers will not be impressed!
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    Get some school supplies. Make a list before you go out of things you need to get. You can find basic lists of supplies at stores such as "Staples." Don't get caught in the gimmicks. Just because the calculator is a funny shape or the pencil has a cool design doesn't mean you need it! Get things that are practical and necessary.
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    Iron and lay out your clothes for the next morning so that you aren't rushing around. Put all of your school supplies and in your backpack. Don't forget other things like your lunch, tissues, hand sanitizer, sanitary items etc. Have a shower and clean under your nails. Make sure you do your best to have fresh, clear skin! Getting a good night sleep will help with this. Do your best to have at least 9 hours sleep!
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    In the morning, get into your new clothes and double check to make sure you have everything. Eat a good breakfast to keep you feeling good! Don't forget to snap a picture for your parents! Be at the bus stop 10-15 minutes early so that you don't miss the bus! You are on your way!
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    Don't be nervous. Gifted kids always freak out. You want to make a good impression and you want to do well. Don't worry! You will! You are gifted and you will do well no matter what you think. It's who you are! Just keep a positive outlook and find your friends from last year! They probably feel the same way you do! You'll be great!
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    When you get to class, take a seat. Some teachers have those corny name tags and others just want to to sit where you feel most comfortable. Try to choose a spot somewhere in the middle of the class. That way, you don't look like you don't care but you don't look like a teacher's pet. Be nice to the teacher but don't suck up. They will get to know you better if you aren't always in their face. Just behave and don't get on your teacher's bad side.


  • Be nice to everyone! Even that kid that you absolutely hate. You never know when someone might surprise you and become your friend!
  • Wear good clothes but nothing out of the ordinary. It makes no sense for you to look extra good one day and normal the next.
  • Take extra care in making yourself look neat. Clean under your nails and brush your hair and teeth!
  • Don't wear any make up aside from a bit of lip gloss or some mascara. You'll look cheap.


  • Don't drink or do drugs. Be good.
  • Don't ditch, abandon or disown any of your old friends because they aren't cool.

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