How to Prepare for an Appearance Emergency

You left the house looking great, right? Your hair fell into beautiful waves, your eyelashes were primped to perfection, your skin was even and matte with not a hint of shine. What happened? You start to feel hot, your hair's sprung out into fully blown frizz, and your makeup's gone smudgy. Here is how to pack your bag with the perfect emergency kit to avoid all that happening - once and for all.


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    Make sure you have the right things in your bag. Deodorant, a bottle of mineral water, T-Zone blotting paper, a small packet of tissues, a nail file, your makeup bag, perfume, dry scented shampoo, a small mirror, breath mints, bobbles, and a hairbrush.
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    Fill your make-up bag with the right items you need for touching up your face. Blotting paper, foundation, concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick are usually the basics. Put in it anything you know might crease up or rub off, such as foundation or eyeshadow.
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    Fix your nails. Nails are always a big culprit in ruining your appearance. If you wear acrylic or fake nails, take a packet of false nails in your size, similar or the same as the ones you're wearing, and a small tube of the nail glue. If one of your nails snaps off, find a quiet place with a table or counter and carefully re-apply the one that broke. If you wear nail polish, take a small bottle of travel nail polish remover, a couple of cotton pads, and the bottle of nail polish you're wearing. Again, find a quiet place and repair the damage. It's also a good idea to keep a nail file with you, as rips and tears can happen at anytime, and can feel uncomfortable and uneven.
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    Keep a bottle of hairspray or gel, some bobbles, and a hairbrush with you. If your hair goes frizzy, slick it back with gel or spray it into submission and scoop it into a ponytail. Another option is to use dry shampoo, which you can usually buy from your local drug-store. Try to get one that smells nice. It soaks up grease in your hair and stops oily locks until you have time to wash it.
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    Find a quiet place, such as a restroom with a counter and mirrors to repair make-up. If your foundation is coming off due to oily skin, blot the oily areas with blotting tissue and sparingly and carefully re-apply your foundation. If you have very oily skin, take some loose powder or a compact with you and dust some onto your t-zone. If your lipstick has come off due to eating and drinking, put your lips between a piece of tissue or paper and kiss it, to get the last of it off. Then, re-apply it.
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    If you have bad breath, take a Tic-Tac or spray some breath freshener into your mouth. Mint gum is another option but people can see you chewing it and it's not as instantly effective as the other choices.


  • Try to buy travel sized stuff now and then, such as a mini hairbrush, mini hairspray/gel, travel sized dry shampoo, a small nail kit, and a sample bottle of your favourite perfume.
  • When fixing your appearance, try to find a quiet well lit place to do it. A bathroom is a good place, preferably one with mirrors, lights, and a counter to put your stuff on.

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