How to Prepare for a Trip Around the World

Taking a trip around the world requires a detailed plan to accomplish the trip on schedule and within budget. Learn how to prepare for a trip around the world by gathering information about your itinerary, creating a travel budget, and completing important tasks regarding your home, health and financial affairs before leaving for your trip.


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    Plan your itinerary.
    • Decide on the countries you would like to visit and the route you will travel. Use travel sites and guidebooks to plan your trip itinerary from the beginning location, through the path you will travel from country to country, to your final destination.
    • While plotting your itinerary, decide how long your entire trip will be and the length of time you will spend at each location. Consider the time of year you will be in the different countries, the cost of living at each location in regards to accommodations and meals, and the sights you would like to see at each location.
    • Include travel information in your itinerary. Decide if you will purchase a round the world ticket which has a set itinerary and charges extra fees from deviating from the travel schedule. Or, if you would like more flexibility, you may choose to purchase one-way tickets to the various countries you have decided to visit on your trip around the world trip.
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    Decide how you will fund your trip.
    • Consider all of your options for paying for your around the world trip: using your savings, selling your home or other belongings, borrowing from your retirement funds, or borrowing from a bank or family members. You may also want to consider renting out your home or apartment while you are away as a means of receiving some income while you are traveling.
    • Seeking employment in the countries you will travel to is another option. Research job opportunities and how to apply for work visas in the countries you will visit.
    • Talk to your employer about working remotely on a full-time or part-time basis. Find out if your company offers paid sabbaticals as a benefit.
    • Consider a volunteer program as a part of your travel plans. Overseas volunteer programs require payment of a fee that will include transportation from the airport to the volunteer site, accommodations, meals, and other services. Fees will depend on the countries you choose to visit and the length of your stay.
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    Manage your responsibilities at home.
    • If you will be maintaining your home, make arrangements for bills to be paid while you are away. Consider canceling magazine and newspaper subscriptions and other services that you will not be using while you are away.
    • Have your mail forwarded or held and make arrangements for any legal matters that may arise while you are traveling.
    • Obtain your passport and get information about obtaining visas in the countries you will visit.
    • Make arrangements with your bank to allow for international transactions by acquiring traveler's checks and an international debit card. If you use credit cards, make sure your accounts are current and that you are aware of your spending limits in case you need them for emergencies.
    • Share your itinerary with family and close friends. Establish accounts for communicating with them via email or social network sites.
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    Complete the final preparations for your trip.
    • Get the appropriate immunizations 4 to 6 weeks before leaving for your trip. Recommended vaccination for the countries you plan to visit can be found on the Centers for Disease Control's website. Some recommended vaccinations include measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), polio virus, and hepatitis A and B.
    • See your physician to make sure there are no new developments in your overall health that would make traveling unsafe or problematic.
    • Acquire medical and traveler's insurance. If you already have insurance, verify that you will be covered during your trip.
    • Create a budget to plan for daily travel costs. You will need to research the cost of living in the countries (hotels, food and transportation) you will visit. Use an online calculator to determine the exchange rates (the value of one country's currency as expressed in another country's currency) of the countries you will visit.
    • Pack lightly. Include an alarm clock, cell phone (make arrangements for international services), adapters for plugs, and emergency contact information. Provide family and friends with your itinerary.

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