How to Prepare for a Paintball Game

This how-to will show you how to prepare for a paintball game. Everything from CO2 to paintballs will be covered.


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    Buy or obtain a CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) tank of 12–20 ounces (340–570 g) or HPA- 4500/3000 psi (there are many sizes- cu. in.) and make sure they are over half full before you go onto the field. You don't want to be left in a bunker with no CO2 or air and your enemy approaching, being bunkered hurts bad.
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    Find a scarf and wear it! It will help protect you from throat or neck shots.
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    Find some sort of hat to wear under your mask. This absorbs sweat so your mask doesn't fog up, and you don't get paint in your hair if you get shot in the head.
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    Prepare yourself with at least 800 paintballs in pods, that is if you are not the trigger-happy type of paintballer. You may not want to carry 4-6 full pods of paint because this can be heavy, I suggest putting a squeegee and a pack of window wipes to clean your mask in at least one pod. These are usually cheap containers that store your paintballs while you are on the field, best used with a harness to hold the pods, keeping your hands free without having to worry about carrying pods as well as a marker.
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    Clean your marker and get it in peak firing condition. You don't want a marker that doesn't fire well on the field. If you can, observe your playing field, the better you know the field the better you will play! Doing this will give you a chance to make a mental note of the advantage points.
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    Make sure that your marker is firing properly before the game, and you are correctly dressed with padded/camouflage clothing, boots with good support, and a very nicely fitting mask!
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    Stretch your muscles too. It is bad if you get a cramp in the middle of the paintball battle.
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    Make sure your team is there. If it's a three man speedball game then make sure you bring two other people.
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    Always get your gun chronoed. A chronograph is an instrument which checks the velocity your marker is firing at. If your velocity is too high, you could injure someone severely and this is against paintball etiquette.


  • Make sure all of your skin is covered, no ripped clothing. It hurts when you get shot by a paint ball gun and the paintball hits your bare skin.
  • Running to much can be great for cover but it can also waste your energy. Be wise and know when you need to dash.
  • The more padding you have, the less a paintball will hurt, just make sure it isn't too bulky so it does not limit your mobility. However choose your clothing wisely, in most tournaments you can only have 2 layers of clothing on because the ball will bounce if there is too much clothing.
  • Correct footwear is important so you don't have to worry about a little puddle but make sure that what you wear does not decrease your mobility.
  • Don't go overboard, you don't want to carry too much weight, just enough equipment to do well in the battle.
  • Always move! You also don't always have to run. The more mobile you are, the less chance of getting shot.
  • Wear old clothing such as clothing with stains. Paintballs are washable but you are better off with wearing old clothing. Most teams buy padded jerseys to represent their team.


  • Always wear a mask.
  • Always wear appropriate paintball eye protection ( Anti Fog is best) .
  • All skin should be covered, to avoid being injured.
  • Gloves are always a good idea
  • If you have certain equipment like smoke grenades, be careful not to inhale to much of the fumes for it can eventually cause damage. Try to use more on open areas unless you are trying to smoke an enemy out of cover.

Things You'll Need

  • 1-2 bottles of C02 (you can get fills at the field)
  • Your choice of HPA (air tank)(optional)
  • 1000+ paintballs
  • Proper apparel
  • Males: Athletic cup (optional)
  • Females: padding for the breast
  • Paintball marker
  • A team wouldn't hurt
  • Wear lots of camouflage so people won't see you
  • A small bottle of water for quick access

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