How to Prepare for a Hockey Game As a Goalie

Every goalie has a different way to prepare for games. Some parts of their routines are similar though. Every routine is not the same in every way however. The hard part is for goalies to find a routine that works for them and stick to it. The following routine may not be perfect for you, but it may give you some ideas as to things you could incorporate into your own personal routine. The most important thing to remember though is to not change your routine once you have one no matter how big the game is.


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    Preparation for a game starts not on the day of the game, but during the practices during the week before. Try your hardest to stop everything in practice. Make sure not to stay up late the night before the game either and don’t sleep in, sleeping in will cause you to feel lethargic. When you wake up get a nice breakfast - maybe some eggs, toast, bacon, and a glass of juice or milk. Depending on what time your game is you need to eat a good lunch as well. During the time before the game, try to use as little energy as possible before you head to the rink. When you arrive at the rink you will need a medicine ball, preferably five to eight pounds, and either two racquetballs or tennis balls depending on your skill level.
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    Arrive at the rink at least an hour before going out on the ice. This will give you plenty of time to do all that is required to prepare. First, you need to leave your phone and any other distracting devices in your car, at home, or with a parent or trusted friend. This does not include devices for playing music. When you arrive at the rink put all your equipment in the locker room. Take the medicine ball and roll it against your muscles in your legs, your back, and your abs. This will help to loosen you up as well as help you build muscle. Then take out your two racquet balls and find a solid and flat wall. Stand two or three feet from the wall. Throw the balls against the wall either one at a time, both at the same time, or alternating between the two. This will work on your reaction time and will warm up your arms and eyes. Do this as quickly as possible till you have about thirty minutes left. Go into the locker room and put on the rest of your equipment except your helmet and gloves. Use this time to get mentally prepared. To get mentally prepared there are several things you can do, but it’s up to you to decide what works best for you.
    • You can sit in a calm and quiet place.
    • Others prefer to play music to get them pumped up.
    • No matter how you mentally prepare yourself you should always make sure to get your mind off of anything that isn’t hockey. Think positive thoughts and never look at the upcoming game in a negative way. You can also try to mentally picture yourself making saves.
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    When it’s time to get on the ice put on your helmet and gloves and grab your stick. Wait for the rest of the team to be ready to go out and make sure you are in the front. You need to lead the team out onto the ice.
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    When you get on the ice, use the shots during the warm up to prepare yourself. There should at least be three waves of shots. Use the first round of shots to work your upper body. During the second round of shots go down and work on your legs and movement. The third and remaining rounds just focus on reaction, rebound control, movement, and making the save. After warm ups go to the bench, get a drink, listen to the coach talk, and then return to your net. You should now be both physically and mentally prepared to play.


  • DO NOT change your approach to games during the regular season

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