How to Prepare for a Fantasy Baseball Draft

Every fantasy baseball season begins with a draft, in which the participants in the fantasy league choose players in a series of rounds. Fantasy league rules vary greatly, as some require participants to bid on players while others follow a randomized, turn-based system. Regardless, the basic strategy for preparing for draft day, and ensuring a successful fantasy season, is the same. These steps will teach you the essentials for having a successful fantasy draft.


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    Familiarize yourself with your fantasy league rules. Pay close attention to how points are won.
    • Some combination of statistics determine a player's point value on any given day. Learn which statistics are most important so that you understand how to maximize your points.
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    Rank players according to position and productivity. Keep in mind the rules you learned in Step 1.
    • List all first basemen, then all second basemen, all shortstops, etc. Calculate how valuable each player is likely to be for your team. Many websites have this information readily available.
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    Determine which positions have a scarcity of talent. Find the positions for which there are few players with high point-values, and choose a few players from each of these positions that you want to draft early.
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    Focus on hitters rather than pitchers. Because they are injured less frequently, hitters are a safer investment.
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    Develop a preliminary list of players.
    • These will be the picks that you want to make early on draft day. These should be players with high point potentials, and should be spread across every position.
    • Plan to choose the highest-rated players you can with your first picks. These are players that will be coveted by all fantasy league participants, and they will bring you the most points.
    • In addition to high-rated players, focus on filling in positions with scarce talent, as determined in Step 3, during the first few rounds. These players will disappear quickly but will be valuable throughout the season, so grab them quickly.
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    Complete background research on your top player picks. Pay close attention to factors such as frequency of injury, age, and their home stadiums. Especially, MAKE SURE you know about any off-season injuries. You do not want to be that guy or girl that uses a first or second round draft on a player that may be out for a few months.
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    Conduct a mock draft.
    • You can do this by yourself, with friends, or online. This will simulate a draft day, and will give you practice with making decisions on the fly.
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    Come to draft day with notes that include all of your draft preparation.
    • You will have to tweak your strategy and make decisions on the fly, so it is important to have statistics and research readily available.


  • During the draft, pay attention to what other participants are doing. Take note of what positions they do not have enough talent in, and try to gauge their strategy so that you can gain an advantage over them. Good draft preparation should allow you to respond to changing circumstances.
  • Draft preparation largely depends on statistical research. Look at fantasy league results from previous years, scour individual statistics, and read about any off-season developments. Remember to not get too lost in numbers and to consider players holistically: for example, it is better to choose a pretty good hitter with consistently strong numbers and few injuries over a hitter with one very good season but several slumps and injuries, even if their draft values are similar.

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