How to Prepare Dinner for Two

Making dinner for two can be a challenging experience when many recipes call for enough ingredients to serve four or more. There are a number of tips and tricks you can use to tailor your meals to fit a smaller number of diners. Learning how to prepare dinner for two is a matter of cutting down ingredients and modifying the recipe to be fit for a dinner for two.


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    Search for recipe ideas for two. You can find many great dinners that have been already modified for two diners on the Internet or in recipe books. These will help you create entrees with very few leftovers.
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    Reduce your favorite recipes to fit two diners. Most recipes indicate how many servings they create, and you can cut the amount of each ingredient to suit two. If the recipe says it makes enough dinner for four, try reducing the portion of each ingredient by half. For example, if the recipe calls for 4 chicken breasts, use 2 instead.
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    Make the full recipe, but only put enough for two on the platter, and save the rest for later. This is especially helpful with recipes such as casseroles or lasagna, where halving the ingredients would be rather difficult. You can create the entire dish, and then either cut out a larger portion to be presented on a platter, or cut two single servings and put them on each diner's plate.
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    Place the leftovers in a container. Use a piece of masking tape and a permanent pen, and label the container with the date the food was created. Labeling and dating your leftovers will help you remember what is the oldest and needs to be eaten first or disposed of.
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    Purchase individual casserole dishes, and separate a full recipe before cooking into 4 smaller portions. Freeze 2 portions before cooking, and make sure to label them with the date. Heat and serve the other 2 casserole dishes. Because the dishes are frozen before cooking, this option has the added benefit of setting up a dinner for another time, which can be as far away as 6 months.
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    Choose to serve several small appetizers instead of a larger entrée. Dinner does not always have to consist of a protein, vegetables, and a starch. You can create a tapas-style dining experience, and serve 2 or 3 appetizers you both like as a dinner.


  • If you are looking to create a couple's dinner with a romantic theme, ambiance will play more of a part than the food itself. Items such as candles, soft music, and a glass of good wine will help set your special dinner for two apart from others.
  • If you opt to make full entrees, such as a casserole or lasagna, consider investing in quality storage containers. Hard plastic or glass dishes with lids can help keep your leftovers fresher longer.
  • If you are consistently making dinner for two, avoid shopping for ingredients at bulk warehouses. These outlets are designed for feeding groups and will end up costing you excess money in ingredients you likely won't use enough of.

Things You'll Need

  • Recipes for 2
  • Serving platters or plates
  • Storage containers with lids
  • Masking tape
  • Pen
  • Individual casserole dishes (optional)
  • Candles (optional)
  • Music (optional)
  • Wine (optional)

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