How to Prepare a Ready to Surf Bag

Surfing is the ultimate free experience and who wants to be rummaging around for the gear when you just want to get out there fast? By preparing a ready-to-surf bag, you can be ready to get out surfing whenever the urge takes over.


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    Find a good space to keep your surf bag or surf box. Good spots are in the garage or in the car. If you don't have either, use a spare room in the house, or a basement/attic space, as long as they're easy to access.
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    Purchase the bag or box if you haven't already got one. It should be waterproof, of a decent size, and something that's easy to tote along with the surfboard. And the easier it is to find things in it, the better, so think compartments.
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    Add the following stuff to your surf bag:
    • Wax and wax comb
    • Towel (freshly washed, always)
    • Swimming wear like bikini, board-shorts, wetsuit, whatever you usually wear (also freshly cleaned, always); wetsuit booties if you use them
    • Leg rope (unless it's already attached to your board)
    • Sunglasses and swim goggles; if the surf is no good, you can still swim or sunbathe
    • Water (large bottle, replenish regularly), and preferred snacks (energy bars are great)
    • Duct tape for patching
    • Spare clothes
    • Plastic bags for wet clothes, beach finds, any other need
    • Coins - for parking, snacks, and emergencies
    • Tide chart, beach info, etc.
    • Sunscreen, lip balm, zinc
    • Hair elastics, brush, comb, leave-in conditioner, tissues, etc.
    • Spare parts
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    Make sure your name and contact details are on the bag. Email and cell phone are the best contact details rather than a home address.


  • Take a surf helmet if you surf near rocks or reefs, in case of a wipe-out. Also a good idea if you're a long-boarder. If you've never worn one before, they take some getting used to, so practice for awhile first.


  • Depending on where you surf, you might also need a padlock or even bike chain for the bag although keeping it somewhere out of sight or in a locker is always best.

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