wikiHow to Prepare, Design and Make Your New Bedroom

So your parents have agreed that you can have your bedroom re-decorated! That's a step completed! Now it's time to decide what you want done, and to put the plan into action!


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    Make a plan. Then go over it with your parents and make sure they approve! What do you want done to your room? Paint, new lighting, curtains, new furniture, etc.
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    Decide what you have in your room now that you want in your new room. Make sure the furniture you want to put in your new room matches the walls, your bed, etc.
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    Make sure before you decide what you want, you and your parents set a budget, that way you know how much you can buy. If you have a tight budget, collect shoe boxes to put books in instead of a bookcase. Save some of your old furniture, too. If you need storage space, ask your parents to buy scraps of wood to make a shelf. Or find boxes around the house to stack in the closet. Also, before you start buying things, find out if you really need something. Is it a new mattress because yours is falling apart, or another dresser because you need more room for clothes? Look on-line for all of the stuff you need, then jot down what you want.
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    Clean your room. Even if it is perfectly clean, go through it and keep what you need, then talk to your parents about giving the rest to charity. It is hard to measure your room so you need to clean it up. To clean you will need boxes, bags, a trash can, patience, and even a radio to listen to your favorite tunes on. Put the things you want to keep in boxes sorted by category, such as books, pictures, toys, crafts, stuffed animals, etc. Keep the items you want to hang up on your walls in one special box labeled Walls. If you find something you like but you know you won’t use, donate it to charity, because they need it more. The bags are for recyclable items such as boxes or plastics.
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    Measure and draw your room. Have your parents do this step for you.
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    Choose colors! If you like the way your walls are, skip the next two steps. Or paint over the walls with the same color for a fresh, clean coat. Pick a color that reflects your personality. If you are fun and energetic, do something fun like a pale orange or a slightly lighter version of kiwi green. Go to a paint store or a hardware store where you will buy the paint. Choose color swatches you like, and take them home. Have you and your parents decide what color you like best. Remember, it has to match the furniture you want. Put a lot of thought into your decision, because, unless your parents are extremely kind and willing to paint your room again if you hate the color, you will have this color for a long time. Once you decided, which should take about a week, go back to the store and get the paint in the color you want. Wait until you have cleared your room to start painting.
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    Take all of the furniture you don’t want out of your room. Sell or give away the furniture you don’t want. The furniture that you do want, just move into the hallway by the wall or cover it with protective plastic when you paint. When you are ready to paint, cover everything but the walls with protective plastic so they don’t get any paint on them. Put blue painter’s tape on any wood where you will be painting by. Have a parent or some friends help you paint your room. When the paint is dry, put the furniture back in your room.
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    Decorate! Take out the box of things you want to hang up and have a parent help hang them up. Then, if you want, buy a canopy for your bed, a beaded door frame, a bulletin board, curtains, or anything else you want in your room.


  • Try to have one wall color and one or two accent colors for accessories and a border on the wall (if you have a large wall it'll make the wall more interesting) so that one wall color isn't too overwhelming.
  • When painting, don't forget the protective plastic must go right to the edge of your carpet!
  • When decorating, refer to your trusty color wheel and make sure the colors don't clash!
  • Don't get a canopy if you have high ceilings because it will be too high up and won't look good unless it's the type of canopy that is attached to your bed.
  • You can use a graphic paper to plan or sketch more accurately if you like.


  • Don't be afraid to ask questions in shops, or ask for help!
  • Read all of this before redoing your room!
  • Let your parents help you! They can get a little worried if you want to do everything yourself,

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