How to Praise a Dog

Once your dog has done the trick you want them to do, it is time to praise them. There are a few ways to do this, such as verbal praising (saying 'Good boy' or 'Good girl'), giving them their favorite toy, and maybe his favorite food treat. Read more to learn the best ways to praise them.


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    Give your dog the command for their trick. Maybe it's "sit", "roll over", or "shake".
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    Once they do the trick, give them a simple "good boy" or "good girl". Do not do anything more than this.
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    Let them know that they deserve the praise. Say something such as "That's a good boy sitting, *dogs name here*!". Make sure you say their name (as long as they know their name) so he / she knows praise is for them.
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    If the reward is praise, give them the praise. Give them a nice belly rub or rub them wherever they enjoy it, such as behind the ear, along the snout or on the back.
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    If your dog gets a treat or toy, give it to them and back off. Some dogs (not all) are territorial and may get aggressive with their toy or treat, so it is a good idea to walk away into another room. If they trust you and you know it, then sit down on a nearby couch or sit near them. Just not too near. A good amount space is about 5–8 feet (1.5–2.4 m).


  • It is usually a good idea to have the treat or toy behind your back or in your pocket, so that you don't have to walk away to find it once they do said trick.
  • Always respect personal space!


  • NEVER hit, smack or yell at the dog. This can physically and mentally harm them, and their trust in you will go way down. They will fear you as well, and this isn't good. Sometimes they don't know what they do, so do not harm your dog.
  • Don't let the dog get too out of hand with their toys. If you walk past them and they have their toy, don't go to take it from them. This is especially important if the dog tends to bite or scratch you. Even if they are just playing, they might get used to biting if you let and may do it to others and strangers. If your dog does this, call a trainer.

Things You'll Need

  • A dog whom can do tricks
  • A treat or toy on hand
  • Patience (they might not do the trick at first)

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