How to Practice Unitarian Universalism

So, you've joined a Unitarian Universalist congregation and wonder what's next? Don't worry, this article will give you tips for a successful integration into your chosen congregation!


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    Get involved right away. Attend your local congregation and get involved. Join an interest group, such as a movie group, bridge, or hiking group. Volunteer to help with something like coffee hour or ushering. There are committees that could use your expertise and energy, where you will meet people of similar interests.
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    The Church of the Larger Fellowship. If you don't have a congregation nearby, you can become a member of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, an online congregation for isolated UUs (see link below).
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    Practice acceptance. Unitarian Universalists believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people, including those of different beliefs, sexual orientations, and races, as well as children, the disabled, and people who used to belong to other religions. Accept people of goodwill for who they are. This will greatly help you to becoming a devoted Unitarian Universalist.
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    Say a UU prayer. Before meals, many say a prayer to give thanks for the food and the company. Many Unitarian Universalists have a chalice in their home.
    • Light the chalice, and say a prayer, for example:
      • We light this chalice,
        For the light of truth,
        The warmth of love,
        And the fire of commitment.
        We light this symbol of our faith,
        As we gather together.
    • This prayer is used because it does not indicate any specific belief. It simply acknowledges what you've been blessed with. You don't need to feel any religious pressure while reciting this prayer. At the end of the meal or meeting, everyone can blow out the chalice together.
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    Be charitable. UUs work for a better world and regularly devote time and money for charitable causes. Whether it's a Food Drive, tutoring a child, protesting injustice, or simply dropping money in a jar, it's always appreciated.
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    Develop and continually challenge your own beliefs. Unitarian Universalism has no written creed to which you must adhere. It gives you the benefits of a bona-fide religion while still encouraging you to have your own theories. Don't be afraid to think. Many Unitarian Universalists don't believe in God, and many do. But because UU is such an accepting religion, they do not judge you on your sincere beliefs. Many Unitarian Universalists celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. Feel free to explore the religion of both sides of your family if they're different.
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    Don't take sides. Unitarian Universalists are often known as the "peacemakers" of arguments since they can see the validity of various religions. If people you know are fighting, try to solve the conflict. If you can't, it's best to stay out of it. Your kindness and good faith is wanted elsewhere.


  • Take initiative to get to know people and don't wait for someone to call you if you're just sitting at home!


  • Some may look down upon you for supporting a system that has no creed. Don't get defensive; this is a real religion, and it can help you become a better, happier, and more fulfilled person, while contributing to the world at the same time.

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