How to Practice French

If you know a little French but aren't yet fluent, it can be hard to find opportunities to practice. However, practice is a vital part of learning any foreign language.


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    Watch French movies or television shows. These will give you an opportunity to listen to native speakers have realistic conversation. You'll likely find these videos online, or you might be able to order recordings. Experiment until you find one that you can understand but still challenges you. Consider looking for children's movies if you need to practice more basic French. Don't turn on the subtitles unless they're in French, too.
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    Make friends with other French speakers. If you have any friends who are learning French, practice speaking with them! Of course, if you know anyone whose native language is French, even better!
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    Read French magazines, websites, and books. Practice reading comprehension by reading whatever French publications you can find. Again, search online for these. Keep a French-English or French-French dictionary close at hand, but try not to use it!
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    Consider finding French classes in your area. Local universities or French immigrant associations might offer low-cost French lessons. Nothing can beat a good teacher.
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    Keep track of what challenges you. As you practice, try to remember what words tripped you up. Try making lists of new vocabulary words, or practice writing out tricky conjugations.


  • French films are internationally recognized. If you don't like the first one you watch, try some others! You're sure to find one you like.
  • When speaking, find a balance between speaking very slowly and haltingly and speaking with perfect grammar. If a few mistakes slip out, keep going!
  • Make flashcards of vocabulary words and conjugations. Repetition will help you memorize them.

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