How to Potty Train Your Baby Fast

Potty training your baby fast in three easy steps.


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    Throw out or hide the diapers, nappies, pull ups, or anything other than under wear. - When I say underwear I mean real underwear, nothing padded, leak proof, or plastic.
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    Let your baby be free - Your baby can have on a t-shirt, but stay at home, and follow your little baby around fully in the buff.- You won't have to worry about pee and poop, if you follow them around after they eat or drink. You can wait about 15 minutes after eating/drinking, but most importantly as soon as they wake up( once they wriggle or move in their sleep) take them to the potty ASAP.(They are probably having the pee dream.Pee dream - The dream you have in your sleep when you are going to the bathroom in your dream, and it turns out you are also going to the bathroom in your bed.)
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    Try this for 2-3 days - I have four kids, and this method worked on every single one of them, they were all potty trained before two years old. This also works great for older kids. They will make mistakes, so have some cleaner available. You have to be sure to be consistent, no diapers or nappies during the day for 2-3 days, or until they have learned to tell you when they have to go.


  • Ask them about 15 min after they eat or drink, if they have to go potty.
  • Praise them every single time they use the potty.
  • If you take them out, put on underwear and clothes, but bring a change of clothes for those mistakes.
  • Keep your schedule open or try this on a weekend.
  • Don't yell or scream at them if they make a mistake.
  • Make sure boys start using the potty sitting down, dads might get mad, but after they master the sitting down, it will be easy to teach them to stand up.
  • Now is the time to talk with them about their private parts, and that no one should touch it.
  • Keeping them aware of their bodies early will help you identify any wrong behavior.
  • Do not use a small potty, get a step stool and have them go on regular sized potties. You can buy the attachments to place on top so they won't fall in.


  • Be patient, it will happen.
  • They will pee on the floor, sofa, or on you. Stay Calm!
  • If they do not sleep in the same room with you, use a nigh time diaper, so you won't get a wet surprise. Or wake them up around 5 or 6 am, and take them to the potty.

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