How to Post a Discussion on the wikiHow Forums

You might have discovered the wikiHow forums but don't know how to post a discussion. Well, learn how to do it with this wikiHow! Just follow the steps below - they are very easy.


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    Go to the wikiHow Forums.
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    Click on "New Discussion" over on the right hand side of the page, up near the top of the page. When you click on "New Discussion," a window will open asking you for a title of your discussion, a category, and summary for it.
  3. 3
    Type in a title for your new discussion. Make sure your title matches the summary of what your discussion will be about. Make it unique so it doesn't match the others.
  4. 4
    Choose a category for your discussion. The categories are as follows: Village Pump, Collaboration Corner, Help Using wikiHow, New Category Suggestions, Bug Reports, General Chat and Forum Games. As was stated in Use the wikiHow Forums, each forums discussion categories has certain reasons for adding discussions to each.
    • Help Using wikiHow: Discuss how to solve almost any problem on wikiHow with other editors.
    • Village Pump: A place to discuss the wikiHow project, read our latest news, propose new ideas, and discuss various aspects of the community with other contributors.
    • Collaboration Corner: Discuss how to work together with other members of the wikiHow community to get things done.
    • New Category Suggestions: Suggest proposals for new categories.
    • General Chat: A forum where you can have off-topic discussions about (almost) anything you like. Get to know your fellow community members here, as you discuss whatever interests you. This includes the Introduce Yourself thread, where you can introduce yourself to the community and meet other wikiHow authors.
    • Bug Reports: Help improve wikiHow by reporting bugs and sharing technical feedback here.
    • Forum Games: Play fun forum games with other wikiHow contributors on this forum.
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    Type in a clear, concise summary for your discussion. Be sure to include some background information as well, but don't write too much. This is where the majority of your discussion will be placed to start off. Describe your topic, while still keeping track of matching it to the title of your forums discussion.
  6. 6
    Preview your forums discussion, if you'd like. Click the Preview button to see how it will look prior to posting it, or click Save Draft and finish it at a later date if you should need more time.
  7. 7
    Click on "Post Discussion." Your new thread will appear in the "All Discussions" section or in the list of discussions for the certain category you chose.
  8. 8
    Wait for people to reply to your discussion. Usually about one to four people will reply within the first ten minutes to an hour after you posted your new thread. However, others may take additional time to notice and accurately respond to/taken action on.


  • Remember that the "New Category Suggestions" category is meant for suggestions on new categories for articles on wikiHow.
  • Be careful to use good forum etiquette. Just like you'd like to be treated fairly, your fellow contributors worldwide would like to be treated fairly too.


  • Don't spam on the wikiHow Forums. This may get you blocked from contributing.

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