How to Poke Around Quietly

Here's the ultimate guide to creeping/walking/poking around--hopefully without getting caught! Enjoy your adventure!


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    Pay attention to what you wear on your feet. Never wear anything with hard or high heels--clomping around and falling down on the ground is the last thing you would want to do! If poking around in your house, dry socks work great. Be sure not to step in a wet puddle or anything, if you do, your feet will squeak loudly! If outside of your home, comfortable, well-fitting shoes with soft soles and shoelaces work well. Flip-flops aren't that great, they are extremely loud when going down the stairs!
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    If your nose is clear without any excess mucus in it, take small breaths through the nose, only taking in the air you really need. If you are sick and/or your nose is congested, open your mouth and take deep but controlled breaths.
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    Wear camouflage for disguise. When slinking around at night, never wear pure black because moonlight or a street lamp can cast your shadow against the ground and you want to blend in completely with your surroundings. The night is never completely dark! Generally, don't wear bright colors with glitter, sequins or anything reflective as decorations, they can betray you!
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    When going up the stairs, stay close to the wall to avoid any creaking. Walking on the very edge works just as well.
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    Don't dress in baggy, overlong, stiff clothes (blue jeans should not be worn), they will make noise as you walk that can alert people to your presence. If for any reason you must wear baggy clothes, make sure that the fabric is fairly soft, like cotton. Snow pants, for example, make far too much sound.
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    Don't wear anything that dangles. Earrings are fine because they just swing against your head and neck, but not that cute belt you got the other day! If you prefer to pull your shoelaces a little tighter than you usually would, weave the bow through your shoelaces or push them into your shoe next to your feet (this might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but your feet will quickly get used to it).
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    To walk quietly, a fluid heel-to-balls-of-feet motion is the best. If you have to walk on gravel, do the same thing, except crouch down and put your other foot down just as you get to the balls of your first foot. You shouldn't be able to hear any individual steps. Walking on the sides of your feet is better for staying quiet.
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    If you have to get close to a person, walk on the outside edge of your feet, from your heel to your pinkie toe. This can get uncomfortable after a while, though, so use this technique carefully.
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    To run quietly with speed, run on the balls of your feet. This demands flexibility, muscle coordination, and more balance in different parts of your feet than regular running, so if you tire easily from this kind of running, running from--like before--your heel to the balls of your feet helps. However, running with only the balls of the feet is the faster and quieter way to travel or follow somebody.
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    If by bad luck someone stirs, looks up/around or looks in your general direction, don't move. You're in camouflage, remember, and you want to minimize movement so it would be harder to spot something when someone is looking at you.


  • If the visual part is not important, and you are about to be seen, close your eyes. Your eyes are shiny.
  • Always try to stay in the shadows or under tables, chairs etc.


  • Whatever you do, don't use these techniques to do something illegal or harmful. The world already has enough people who want to make other people's lives miserable.

Things You'll Need

  • Clothes to fit the situation (such as camouflage)
  • A desire to sneak around without anybody noticing you
  • Stealth training

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