How to Pluck Beetroots from the Kitchen Garden

The kitchen garden is made to grow various kinds of fruits and vegetables. I grew some Beet Roots in my garden. I would be showing the step by step process to pluck them at home.


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    See the fully grown bulb in the garden.
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    Hold the leaves with one hand.
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    Pull the leaves towards the other end of the bulb. The bulb should be clearly visible to us.
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    Pull out very lightly the entire bulb along with it long tapering root.
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    Remove the soil particles from the root end of the bulb with the help of the hand.
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    Hold it with the leaves and clear all the unwanted leaves and soil.


  • Be careful not to damage the main root.
  • Do not pull the bulb with a lot of pressure as this might lead the bulb to break into pieces.

Things You'll Need

  • A kitchen garden with the Beetroots growing in it

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