How to Play Woodsball Paintball

Teams can range from two players to 20 it does not matter. Everything depends on how much land and space there is to have the game on. Does this field have bunkers? How much debris is around for players to hide behind? Old cars, tree stumps, metal grating, what is there? This article will tell the do’s and the don'ts of Woodsball paintball, the beloved sport by many.


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    Be sure to know how to work the gun along with the Co2 tank and know what a barrel sock is. (Some fields may offer everything to you for a certain price.) Before going on the field make sure to have a full tank and extra balls if possible.
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    Once on the field listen to the referees for the rules of what game you are playing. If you are playing Civil War aka Gettysburg, be prepared to be shot and make sure you follow the imposed ball limit. If you are playing zombie, make sure you know who is playing the zombie. If you're playing Presidential, DO NOT let the "President" get shot. If you are playing capture the flag, know who has been assigned to get the flag and find out if you are supposed to be in the surrounding area or along beside them.
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    When the game is started, find somewhere to hide if needed. Stay low and beside something so you don't get shot. DO NOT spray and pray. Last but not least, do everything you can that is within the laid out guidelines to win.
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    After being hit, if the ball breaks, put your hands holding your gun in the air and walk off of the field. If you are hit without the ball breaking, continue to play the game.
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    If you walk up on or are walked up on by a fellow player who is on the opposing team, and you are with in 20 feet (6.1 m) of each other, give them the chance to surrender. This is an imposed rule on almost all official paintball fields.


  • Don't try to hide in the same place as someone else if it is not made for it.
  • Stay Low
  • Know hand signals
  • Wear shoes that can grip the ground
  • Know the rules of the game
  • Always have extra pod of balls along with you on the field.
  • Don't shoot your own team.
  • Wear loose clothes
  • Always have your knees bent
  • Don't spray and pray (Stay ducked down and lift gun above your head and repeatedly pull trigger)


  • Paint ball hurts. Don't whine about it.

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