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Wink is a fun game to play with a large group of people. So grab all the people you know and go at it! But be warned, it can get rough, depending on how you choose to play.


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    Get a large group of people together. The more the merrier, however an odd number is helpful so no one has to sit out. If you have an even number, make one person the photographer and then switch out.
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    Have everyone find a partner, except one person. The single person will be the winker.
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    Everyone but the winker gets in a circle with their partner. One partner crouches down on the ground, while the other partner stands behind them.
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    Wink! The winker crouches down on the ground, looks around at all the other crouchers, chooses one, and winks at them.
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    That croucher will then attempt to get up and get behind the winker.
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    The standing partner tries to restrain their croucher so they cannot get behind the winker. It's best to lay down ground rules about what you can and cannot do before play begins.
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    If the croucher makes it behind the winker, they win and become the winker's new partner. Their former partner is now the new winker.
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    The game goes on and on like this for as long as you feel like playing!


  • No-holds-barred Wink: Attempt to restrain your croucher by any means imaginable - tackling, tripping, biting, kicking - anything goes. Likewise, the croucher does whatever it takes to get away from their partner and get to the winker.
  • Standing Wink: Stand in a circle instead of crouching.
  • Kissing Wink[1]: Instead of getting behind the winker, you attempt to kiss the winker. Select couples and winkers as best fits your group's gender makeup.
  • Genteel Wink: Use chairs instead of crouching. The partners stand behind the chairs and attempt to restrain their sitting companion by holding their shoulders. This works well when the winker and the standing partners are men and the sitting partners are women.


  • Take pictures! They always turn out hilarious!
  • Playing with a mixed group of guys and girls is more fun.
  • Be prepared to get bruised, grass stained, or declothed in "No-holds-barred Wink". All are pretty common because of the anything-goes rule.


  • Playing with friends is usually the safest. Strangers can sometimes make this game uncomfortable.
  • If there are strangers, make sure they know that it is just a game and that they shouldn't try to hurt anybody.
  • Playing on wet concrete is not recommended.

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