How to Play Wide Receiver in Football

Are you one of those people who can't catch a thing, period? Or someone who can catch, but doesn't know what to do? If you want to find out the ins and outs of playing Receiver, then read this article; How to Be a Wide Receiver.


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    Know the basic objective of a wide receiver. The basic idea of a receiver is to catch the ball and get a touchdown or a first down. But the first thing you should know is how to catch.
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    Outreach your hands and snag the ball when it's coming your way. Don't make it too dramatic - you might mess up. And keep your eye on the ball! Just catch the ball anyway you can. Catching the ball is your first priority! When you've caught it, then pull it to your chest. From there, hold it in your outside arm with the tip in your hand and the end of the ball in the backside of your elbow. Then in a game, run. See. Catching is easy. All you need is some sort of hand-eye coordination.
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    Don't jump for the catch unless you need to. Jumping slows you down and makes it easier to get knocked down.
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    Get down if you jumped for the catch. Then look briefly at what you're up against, or who's in your way. If someone comes to you, juke them out (see How to Juke). Figure out which way they're going to go.


  • Try to do all this as quick as possible, but not so hurried that you'll miss it altogether. Just concentrate, and remember catching the ball is your first priority. It won't matter how fast you can run up-field if you can't catch the ball.
  • Don't look at anything around you, just catch the football.


  • As with any position in football, there is a chance of getting hurt.
  • Be safe if you're going to get tackled, don't try to get thrown down too hard.

Things You'll Need

  • A football
  • Gloves (optional)

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