How to Play Total Drama Island With Friends

Do you know Total Drama Island? If you like it a lot, you possibly want to play it with your friends. Read this article to find out how and what to do to make it happen.


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    Get a LOT of friends. You need them as contestants. You might change your mind about being host, so you could switch with another person. I recommend that you get 14 to 20 people. (Make sure that you get an even amount of people. Don't get something like 6 or 8 friends, because you will have a small amount of people playing.)
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    Think about teams. What will the names be? Who will be on these teams? Do you want to put people who hate each other on the same team? Will you pick the teams or will the contestants choose for themselves? Would you put friends with friends? Think about these questions BEFORE you play.
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    Come up with some challenges. What are your challenges going to be like? You could do a game of soccer or a relay race. You could also do a game of hide and seek, or "Capture The Flag." While "Truth or Dare" could get out of hand, it is also an acceptable choice. An adult or contestant will most likely not approve of this. Remember to choose wisely.
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    Decide where to play this game. Where will you do this game? At school, during recess? At a local park? A campsite? Think about this question.
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    Make sure the people you choose to play are available. The question is if people will play. For example, if you ask a person who plays football all the time at recess, and they say " Uh, sure. I'll be there." The next day, they probably won't because they possibly could have been sarcastic. So watch what happens.
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    Decide if you want auditions. Auditions are interesting, but nerve racking. If you want to do auditions, grab paper, a clipboard, and a pencil. Make a list of the people who want to be in the game. An equal amount of people (7 guys, 7 girls, for example.) Remember, if someone doesn't make it (according to what you said,) then you might hurt the person's feelings. Tell them that they'll make it next season! Other than that, you could just get the first couple guys and first couple girls to apply, and your cast would be set.
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    If all these work for you, good! If it doesn't, don't get upset. Things happen. If it works, have fun, you lovers of Total Drama and be safe!


  • Notice if anyone makes alliances. If they do, that's okay. If it's up to the point where everyone (or most people) plan to vote off one person, it makes the game more interesting.
  • Don't make the game inappropriate. People will feel uncomfortable, and most likely quit. Be careful of what you say and do.
  • If someone says "I want to be Gwen!" or "I want to be Owen!" tell them that you are not playing the actual show with the same characters. It's better to start fresh with new people.
  • For elimination, ask each person one by one who they want to eliminate. When someone gets eliminated, tell them that you're sorry, and say that they may return again in the game.
  • This can be a great experience for you and others. You can make new friends, and you can see who your true friends are.


  • Don't let the contestants harass another. Stop it immediately.
  • Don't make someone shave their head, or to beat up another kid because one of the characters did it on the show. It's not funny and it's foolish.
  • Don't force two people into a "relationship" because they look like a couple. It will make them mad.
  • Don't sing the theme song every time you play. People will think your weird.

Things You'll Need

  • Yourself
  • A plan for the game
  • An even number of people more than 10
  • Supplies (or use your surroundings and resources)

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