How to Play the Xbox

In order to get the full experience of the Xbox, there is a method to surefire bliss.


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    Plug in all related connectors for the Xbox. The Xbox console comes standard with RCA inputs (Three plugs, Red Yellow and White, however there are High-resolution adapters available to connect via S-Video, Coaxial, and also to an HDTV Display)
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    Get a shoot 'em-up game (suggested titles include Halo 3, Call of Duty: World at War) These are also called "First Person Shooters", or "FPS"
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    Play it.
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    Buy a racing game. (suggested titles include Test Drive Unlimited, Project Gotham 3 or 4, Burnout 3, Need For Speed Underground 1 or 2 or Need for Speed: Undercover)
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    Play it.
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    Get a steering wheel.
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    Try the racing game again (notice anything different?)
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    Buy a role playing game. (suggested titles include Fable 2)
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    Play it.
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    Remember to eat and sleep at some point. (I heard 37 hours straight caused a kid to have a heart-attack and die!)
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    Go back to playing more games when you can see straight again.


  • Obviously, people have different opinions on what games are fun to them. Ignore those people. The twelve year old that originally wrote this article had it all right. After editing it, I realized it was futile to explain the intricacies of the human mind. Jotting very quick notes about one person's experience describes everything.
  • Once you've purchased your shoot-em-up game, buy a tutorial or purchase the strategy guide for use with it. It will help you get used to the controls and develop some key gaming strategies.
  • Buy a PS2, its better. Just kidding, but seriously - check out what's available, and what the prices are before buying an Xbox; I've known a lot of people who have 2 or 3 systems and only use one, make sure you aren't buying something you don't like. I.E. are the controllers comfortable? How cheap are games? How many games are there? How addicted am I going to get?


  • When playing in a dark room and using great speakers, the sound effects for environments and situations can cause extreme reactions. Adapters are available for surround sound output on the Xbox.
  • Seizures can be induced from gaming consoles. Be sure to strap yourself down.

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