How to Play the Snitch in Quidditch

Quidditch is no longer restrained to the Harry Potter books or movies. Adapted in 2005, "Muggle Quidditch" is now a recognized sport in many separate countries around the world. In the books series, the Snitch was a golden, flying ball which the players known as Seekers had to catch to end the game. In most versions of Muggle Quidditch, the snitch is a person, dressed in yellow, who runs around and avoids being tagged by the Seekers. Read on to learn how to play this position!


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    Make sure that you understand the rules of the game. These rules can be found in How to play muggle Quidditch, as well as on the website of the International Quidditch Association, or IQA for short.
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    Make sure that you understand the role of the snitch, or the snitch runner, in the game. Your job is to avoid being tagged by the seekers during the game.
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    Learn to run. Running is essential when you are the snitch, because those trying out to be the seekers will also be able to run. Build up your endurance, while running on a treadmill, with cycles and intervals of running and walking, for at least 45 minutes every other day. Your ability to be the snitch will skyrocket.
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    Be creative. One goal of the snitch runner is one to keep from being caught, but another goal is to provide entertainment and personality to the game. With the snitch should come an entertainment value that you can't get anywhere else. Some suggestions include:
    • Light-saber. Even though this isn't technically from "Harry Potter" it's great for batting broom handles.
    • Come early and chain up your bike out of sight. Then bike circles around the seekers.
    • Water balloons, water guns, etc.
    • Hide in the crowd every so often. The crowd will love it.
    • Wear a cape. Wave it in front of the seekers. "Toro! Toro!"
    • Climb a tree wherever possible. People rarely look up, but if the crowd notices you, be prepared for a lot of laughs.
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    Don't be too serious. Remember that while everybody else is running around with a broom between their legs, you are dressed up in bright yellow. So have a sense of humor when it comes to the game, and remember that you are there to please the crowd.
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    Get a friend to help you practice. Run round the pitch, and if you can fend him off continuously for 7-10 minutes, you are probably in good shape. Just remember that there are two seekers in each game, not one, and they will both be trying to get you. The saving grace is that they will also be fighting to keep each other from getting the snitch, so you will get short breaks from time to time as everybody tires.
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    Have fun playing quidditch!


  • Keep in mind that the other players will have brooms between their legs at all time, giving you an advantage. However, running with a broom between your legs is not as hard as it might seem.


  • Quidditch does count as a contact sport, so make sure that you are fit and ready to play. Being the snitch especially means a lot of movement, sudden twists and turns, as well as being prepared to run no matter what the weather.

Things You'll Need

  • A bright yellow outfit
  • Gold painted sneakers (optional)

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