How to Play the Football Game "500"

Four Parts:Selecting player rolesChoosing the specialsBoundaries and rulesPlaying

Have you heard or seen people play 500? Did you want to join in, but didn't know how to play? Read this article to find out how to properly play 500.

Part 1
Selecting player roles

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    Designate one person to be the thrower. This person will throw the ball and call out point values.
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    Have all of the people who are trying to get points opposite the thrower. Generally it is nice to have 4-10 people. The more people you have, the more challenging winning will be.

Part 2
Choosing the specials

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    Decide which "specials" you will include. The following are some to include:
    • Mystery box: A point value is set, and not shouted out to the group. You throw the ball, and whomever catches it gets that point total.
    • Dead or alive: You can call the "dead or alive" shot if you want the players to be able to get points even if the ball hits the ground. If the ball is called Dead, first person to "touch" the ball gets it.
    • Drill bit: You can call this if you want to "bean" the ball at the crowd of players.
    • Flush: The player who gets the ball loses all of their points. Keep in mind that this only works if the player doesn't hear what you called out.
    • Jackpot: Whomever catches the ball after Jackpot is called get 500 points automatically and gets to throw.
    • Grenade: The ball can be dead or alive. The amount won can be positive or negative but is not announced until ball is stopped be a catcher. All catchers within arm's reach of catcher who stopped the ball get the same award. It's a gamble.
    • Skeleton key: Only one is awarded per game. The player stopping the ball may use it later, only once, in the round to steal another player's award.
    • Peanut butter: Whoever catches it is frozen and can't gain or lose points for 3 turns.

Part 3
Boundaries and rules

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    Figure out the boundaries and small rules of the particular version of the game you are going to play. The area you play in should be relatively long, but skinny. This is so because the players will have more of a chance of scoring points, but make sure you have enough room to move around in.

Part 4

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    Start playing by calling out a number from 50-500 and throwing the ball so it is easily catchable. If someone catches the ball, they get the amount that was called out. Continue this until a person racks up 500 points.
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    Tell the person who racks up 500 points first to go up where the thrower before them was. Then, start the process all over again.


  • Don't call specials all of the time. However, some say that having "dead or alive" plays can make the variety that is part of the game start to flow.
  • The more people you have, the more challenging winning will be for the players. Keep in mind that the size of where you are playing and the number of people who are playing should be close to proportional.
  • When calling normal point values, have a mix in numbers. You can also use denominations of 50, but that is as low as you should go, for keeping track of scores will get very tricky.
  • Despite the rules listed above, just try to have fun. Games like these are best played on the looser end of the rope so to speak.


  • Sometimes people can get out of hand and a bit cocky. If they start doing this, throw away from them, just to tell them to chill out a bit.

Things You'll Need

  • A football
  • 4-10 players
  • The boundaries
  • Rules listed above

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