wikiHow to Play the Drinking Game "Land Mines"

Land mines is one of the best drinking games and involves lots of beer chugging. Make sure you have a pretty big table to play at and you'll want four or more people. Be sure to have beer cans and not beer bottles or cups.


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    The first player takes the quarter and spins it on the table. While the quarter is spinning, the player must then take a chug of beer with the same hand they spun the quarter with and then pick up the quarter before it stops spinning also with the same hand they drank their beer with. If you are caught using the wrong hand, then you must take a drink and redo your spin till you get it right.
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    Now where the game gets really interesting is when people start finishing their beer. Basically any beer that has been finished by a player at the table becomes their own "land mine". By using these empty beer cans, you can smash a person's quarter mid spin causing them to have to down a good portion of their beer and restart their turn; not to mention that once that empty can is used, that empty beer can remains in the spot it was for the remainder of the game.
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    So now it becomes a constant obstacle that a spinner must try to avoid. If the quarter then hits any of the empty cans on the table, it becomes dead and the spinner must drink and respin. If the spinner is unsuccessful 3 times in a row, then he or she must pound a beer or take a shot and the quarter passes to the next person.
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  • You want to spin the quarter away from you so you avoid getting "land mines" in front of you.


  • Drink responsibly

Things You'll Need

  • Beer cans, a quarter, a big table to play on

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