How to Play Tactical Airsoft

This is about how to be a Tactical and heads up airsoft player in both Field and CQB situations


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    Find A Team and a place to play. Make sure area is owned by you, or you have permission of the owner to organize skirmish in there or even on the proper skirmish side near you. Area must be fairly varied (some trees around, some flat area...) to make it interesting.
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    Organize your vest/ gear to the style and environment that you play in. ex: C.Q.B.= fast magazine reloads, short distance fighting so no long barrels, fast firing guns and no scopes that have zoom in Field= guns with good range, camouflage uniform, good boots
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    CQB (Close Quarters Battle) Tactics- Indoor/Outdoor Fields with fighting over short distance
    • Always know where the enemy team spawn point is
    • Always bring a partner or if you can, a full squad
    • Before going around a corner, TRY leaning out then back in quickly (Just enough so that someone would be able to see that someone is there). A lot of trigger happy snipers will watch corners, and they will shoot at the first sign of movement but score no hits. So if you try this and get shot at then you know that the area is covered
    • Try to flank the area instead of just charging on to the main fight. Flanking is a great idea and taking someone down from the sides where they don't expect it is great fun and very effective.
    • Teach your teammates different hand signals that could be used silently
    • Use the Leapfrog technique: Team A cover fires while Team B moves up, Then Team B cover fires while Team A moves up ...
    • Make sure there is no enemy left hiding in the room/building to avoid getting flanked
    • Always look for potential targets and move with aiming down the sights of the gun and keeping finger on the trigger
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    Field Tactics - Playing Field is a very different experience if you are used to playing CQB. It is normally played outdoor over large expanses of land with occasional buildings and considerable amounts of cover.
    • A lot of players that are new to playing in the Field tend to see an enemy far off and open fire on them. This is bad for multiple reasons. First it is unlikely that you will hit the opposing players and even if you try to lob the BBs its still a bad idea. Second it can give away your position, then all previous stealth is lost. Third it burns your ammo. In a MilSim game players generally use standard/midcap magazines.
    • If you see someone far off, don't immediately fire, tell your squad and then decide what to do, but do NOT open fire unless you have agreed to do so with your teammates
    • When playing field with your squad try to walk in a staggered position, with someone always covering your six (back) To do this have someone at the front of your squad kneel and cover six. Then when the last member of the squad passes the kneeling guy, the person at the front will kneel and cover six, and the previous man will get up and continue. (sounds complicated, but with practice it becomes easy and a fun.
    • Using communications gear is more important in Field than it is in CQB... because it is very helpful to know where everyone on your team is. From personal experience if you have a designated radio operator that will relay info to the rest of the squad, it really improves the chance of winning.


  • Use communications gear... It makes the airsoft experience much more exiting, organized and realistic
  • Buy a M.O.L.L.E. vest and pouches for improved gameplay
  • Practice your hand signals with your team
  • If possible have at least one team "practice" before a big event
  • Have fun and test out these tips
  • Practice at home doing tactical reloads
  • Try to call out enemy positions like numbers on a clock. ex: enemy on your 9 = there is an enemy to your left. ex: on you six = right behind you. This system makes it very easy for your entire team to locate enemy positions
  • If you don't have a lot of money fill up tic tac boxes with BBs and attach them with glue to your belt.


  • Always wear proper safety protection
  • If not authorized do not play in public!

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