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Three Methods:Reviewing the Rules of TwisterAdding Your Strip ElementsSpicing Up Your Strip Twister Game

Twister is a great party game and an easy way to burn off steam. But if you’re not feeling inspired to play traditional Twister, there are several twists on the old classic you can add to make this game more fun and more adult. As long as everyone is game to play, Strip Twister is a great way to bond with your significant other and enjoy some old fashioned, physical fun.

Method 1
Reviewing the Rules of Twister

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    Divide into teams. In order to play Twister, you will need at least two people (an equal number of men and women tends to work best). Divide your players into teams of two people, preferably with a man and a woman on each team.[1]
    • If you’re playing the game with couples, each couple can be their own team.
    • If you don’t have an equal number of players, ask one person to serve as the referee and official spinner. If you do have an even number of players, the referee position will rotate amongst the players.
    • If you prefer not to play with teams, each player can play on their own individual team.
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    Prepare to play. Spread your mat across the floor; if you’re playing the game outside, make sure to anchor the mat at each corner so it doesn’t blow away. Players should start at opposite ends of the mat, with each person standing near the word Twister. Each player should begin with one foot on the yellow circle and one foot on the blue circle closest to their side.[2]
    • If you’re playing with three people, set up the players as you would for a two player game, then have the third player face the red-circle side of the mat, with one foot on each of the two middle red circles.
    • If you’re playing with teams, a member of each team will play in each round and eventually the winners of each round will face off in a final match.
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    Play the game. Every time the referee spins the spinner, they will call out the body part and color the spinner points to. Each player must place that body part on the corresponding circle. A circle must be vacant for a player to be able to use it.[3]
    • If a player currently has a body part on a color and that color is called again, the player must move to a new circle of that same color.
    • If two players reach for the same circle at the same time, it is up to the referee to decide who got there first.
    • If all six circles of the same color are already covered, the referee must spin again until a new color can be called out.
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    Win the game. Any player who falls or touches the mat with an elbow or knee will be immediately ejected from the game. Players may choose to eliminate themselves if they feel they cannot hold a position any longer.[4]
    • The player left standing at the end of the game, wins.
    • If you are playing with teams, don’t forget to have the winners of each heat face off at the end.

Method 2
Adding Your Strip Elements

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    Decide on your clothing rules. All players should begin a game of Strip Twister wearing the same number of clothing articles. Five or six articles of clothing tends to work best.[5]
    • Hats, socks, shoes and jewelry count as clothing articles.
    • It is recommended that everyone apply deodorant and play in a well ventilated room for maximum enjoyment.
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    Review the rules. In Strip Twister, any time the spinner lands on red, all players must remove an article of clothing. Only one hand or foot may be lifted from the mat at a time, even when the player is removing clothing. [6]
    • When removing clothing, the hand or foot must be placed back on the spot it originated from before another hand or foot can be lifted.
    • If a player falls while removing an article of clothing, they must remove an additional item of clothing as a penalty.
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    Apply penalties. Since this is Twister with a twist, there are certain penalties in this game that do not exist in the standard game of Twister. In regular Twister, if a player falls, they are automatically removed from the game. In Strip Twister, they just remove an article of clothing. Whoever has the most clothing on at the end, wins the game.[7]
    • Anyone who is caught wearing more than the allotted amount of clothing must immediately remove the extra clothing.
    • Anyone caught cheating in any form will be punished by having to remove an additional article of clothing.
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    Modify the game to suit your needs. If you choose to play Strip Twister with a larger group, you may decide to add additional restrictions to make the game more competitive and more family friendly.
    • Players may choose to strip down only to their undergarments or bathing suits.
    • If the spinner lands on yellow, that can also be an automatic strip.[8]

Method 3
Spicing Up Your Strip Twister Game

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    Start out naked. Naked Twister generally works best if you’re playing solely with a significant other. Instead of gradually taking off your clothing throughout the game, start naked and up the ante by distracting each other with physical affection.[9]
    • Try licking, nuzzling, kissing or tickling your opponent to get them to relinquish their spot on the board.[10]
    • Make the game more romantic by turning down the lights and adding some candles. Just make sure not to knock the candles over in the heat of the moment.
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    Make it a drinking game. In Drunk Twister, the game remains the same, but each player must take a shot each time they slip on the mat, but don’t fall. The game continues until everyone has fallen, or everyone has drunk so much that they can’t go on.[11]
    • Use small shot glasses for drinks, otherwise the game may take a dangerous turn.
    • You can choose to increase the number of shots a player has to take for each slip. For example, after the first slip, they might take one shot, after the second, two and so on.
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    Play Oily Twister. Take Naked Twister one step further by rubbing your opponent down with baby oil before beginning the game. Play Naked Twister as you normally would, but expect to spend most of the time slipping and sliding across the board.[12]
    • In keeping with the theme, the loser of Oily Twister must give the winner a full-body massage.
    • Keep medical supplies handy – Oily Twister has a much higher injury rate than Naked Twister.


  • Make sure everyone feels comfortable playing Strip Twister. Set up rules that feel good for everyone and be respectful of everyone playing.

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