How to Play Spin the Bottle Through Different Themes

Four Methods:Playing Traditional Spin the BottleAdding Truth or Dare to Spin the BottleMaking Spin the Bottle a Drinking GameGoing Romantic with Spin the Bottle

Spin the Bottle is a classic party game for teens. But if you're bored with the usual kissing game theme of the game, there are ways to change things up. Some versions are better suited for older players, too, so you can keep playing even if you're not in high school anymore.

Method 1
Playing Traditional Spin the Bottle

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    Sit in a circle. Gather everyone who intends to play the game together, and find a open area that is large enough to fit all of you. The participants should sit on the floor in a circle, making sure to leave an open space in the center.[1]
    • You don’t necessarily have to sit down in the circle. Participants can kneel if they prefer.
    • It’s not necessary to play the game on the floor either. You can sit around a table in chairs if that’s more comfortable.
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    Place a bottle in the center. To play the game, you must have an empty bottle to place in the middle of the circle. Glass bottles tend to work best because their weight helps them spin more easily. However, you can use a plastic bottle, but it’s good idea to fill it at least partially with liquid and replace the cap so it has some weight to it.[2]
    • You can also find Spin the Bottle apps for your smartphone or tablet that feature an animated bottle that you can spin by swiping your finger across the screen. Place the phone or tablet in the center of the circle instead of an actual bottle.
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    Choose someone to spin first. To get the game started, someone has to be the first to spin the bottle. You can ask for a volunteer, but the participants may be a little shy or nervous. Instead, it may be easier to choose a first spinner randomly. You can pull names out of a hat, or just spin the bottle and see who it lands on.[3]
    • If there are participants who’ve played the game before, they may be the best choice as the person to spin first.
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    Kiss the person who the bottle points out. When the the bottle finally stops spinning, it will land on another person in the game. The person who spun the bottle must kiss whoever the bottle points out. Typically, there aren’t rules about what type of kiss it must be, so participants can kiss in the whatever way makes them most comfortable.[4]
    • You may want to institute a rule about how long the kiss may last. For example, you may decide that everyone has to kiss for at least 5 seconds.
    • You can also play a version where the spinner has 5 seconds to hug the person who the bottle lands on. If they don’t hug within that time, they then have 10 seconds to kiss. If they don’t kiss before time is up, then they must French kiss. With those rules, no one would have to kiss someone who they aren’t comfortable with.

Method 2
Adding Truth or Dare to Spin the Bottle

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    Set up for traditional Spin the Bottle. Just as with the regular game, you’ll want to round up all the participants and sit in a circle with a bottle in the center for players to spin. Determine who is going to go first, and wait for them to spin the bottle.[5]
    • To keep things interesting, you should have at least four people in your circle to play Truth or Dare Spin the Bottle.
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    Ask the person who it lands on “Truth or Dare.” Instead of having to kiss the person who the bottle lands on, the participant who spun gets to ask the other person “Truth or Dare.” They can decide to go with “Truth” and answer a question honestly, or select “Dare” and have to complete some type of challenge.[6]
    • You may want to set a time limit for how long the person has to decide between “Truth or Dare,” so the game doesn’t slow down too much.
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    Come up with a “truth” question. If the person who the bottle lands on chooses “Truth,” you’ll need to ask a probing question. The more interesting the question, the more fun the game will be. While your goal shouldn’t necessarily be to embarrass the other player, you want to ask about something that they wouldn’t offer up on their own.[7]
    • For example, you might ask, “Have you ever stolen anything?” or “Have you ever been cheated on?”
    • If you have trouble coming up with good “Truth” questions, do an online search for good "Truth or Dare” questions for inspiration.
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    Provide a “Dare.” If the person who the bottle lands on chooses “Dare,” you must come up with a funny or embarrassing task for them to do. Just make sure that the dare that you choose is safe and legal, so no one will get hurt or in trouble during the game.[8]
    • In keeping with the spirit of traditional Spin the Bottle, you might dare the person to kiss someone else in the circle.
    • You might dare someone to do a funny dance, such as the Macarena or Chicken Dance, or do something silly, such as run down the street in their pajamas.
    • Physical dares, such as doing a cartwheel or standing on your head, can be fun.
    • Have someone eat or drink something gross for a dare. For example, you might dare someone to drink pickle juice or eat a spoonful of ketchup mixed with chocolate sauce.

Method 3
Making Spin the Bottle a Drinking Game

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    Arrange alcohol around a round table. If you’re of legal drinking age, traditional Spin the Bottle may seem a little tame. For a more grown-up twist, find a round table for the game. Instead of lining it with people to kiss, place various types of alcoholic beverages around the table.[9]
    • Vary the beverages as much as you can. For example, you might alternate plastic cups of beer with shots of various alcohol.
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    Place an empty bottle in the middle. Just as you would with traditional Spin the Bottle, the participant whose turn it is reaches for the bottle and spins it in the center of the table. You can play the game with as little as two people, but it’s usually more fun if you have at least four.[10]
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    Drink what the bottle lands on. When the bottle stops spinning, you have to drink whatever type of alcohol that it stops on. You are allowed to skip your turn if the person who spins after you is willing to spin for you, but keep in mind that they aren’t allowed to skip their turn. That means that they must spin two times in a row.[11]
    • You can’t decide to skip your turn after you’ve already spun the bottle and found that you landed on a really strong shot or a type of alcohol you don’t like. You must pass your turn before you spin.
    • If a participant in the game starts to feel sick or seems like they’re not doing well, don’t force them to play any longer. You don’t want anyone to get hurt because of a game.

Method 4
Going Romantic with Spin the Bottle

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    Create a game board. While most Spin the Bottle games involve groups of people, Romantic Spin the Bottle is usually played by a couple. Instead of spinning the bottle to land on another person, you need a game board to set it on. Find a large piece of poster board, cardboard, or other paper, and cut it into a circle. Use a marker to divide the circle into even sections, keeping in mind you’ll need to come up with suggestions to fill all of the wedges you create.[12]
    • It helps to use a ruler when you’re dividing up the board so all of your lines are straight.
    • If you’re making the game as a gift for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, it can be fun to use pink or red poster board for the game board.
    • You can also use heart-shaped stickers or stamps to decorate and personalize the board.
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    Add romantic suggestions to the board. In each wedge on the game board, you need to add a romantic suggestion. Be creative, and think of sweet or sexy things that you’d like your partner to do for you or you’d like to do for your partner. For example, you might write, “Sing a love song” or “Give a kiss on the neck.” Other suggestions that you may want to add include: [13]
    • Give a back rub
    • Make out
    • Whisper some sweet nothings
    • Remove an item of clothing
    • Share a compliment
    • Hold hands
    • Say I love you
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    Spin the bottle and complete the suggestion. Once your board is complete with suggestions, place a bottle in the center. You and your partner will take turns spinning the bottle and completing whatever suggestion it lands on for the other person.[14]
    • You can make the game more interesting by assigning point values to each suggestion, giving higher values to the more enjoyable ones. Keep score as you both complete each turn, and the person who has the most points at the end of the night wins a pre-arranged prize, such as a full body massage or a week’s worth of home-cooked meals.


  • The point of any Spin the Bottle game is to have fun, so if you feel uncomfortable at any point, stop playing.
  • Go over all of the rules before you start, so no one is surprised during the course of the game.


  • Never force anyone to participate in a Spin the Bottle game. They won't enjoy themselves if they feel pressured to play.
  • Avoid playing drinking game unless you’re of legal drinking age. You might get yourself or the person whose house you’re playing at in trouble.
  • If you’re playing a drinking game, always drink responsibly. Don’t plan on driving afterward, and stop drinking if you start to feel woozy or sick. It’s also a good idea to alternate every alcoholic drink with a glass of water, and avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

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