How to Play Rolling Logs

Try this game with your kids. It's fun to play with four - seven people. It's also good for children's physical fitness and entertainment.


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    Play in an open clean indoor space. If you have a fitness mats, place those down in a row. Then place a pillow on one side and place another about ten feet away on the other side. These are bases.
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    Have the group vote on one or two people to be the logs. The rest are regular people.
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    Divide the remaining people into two groups and place one on each base(pillow). Have the log people lay straight on the ground having the pillows on their left and right.
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    Once all of the characters are finished, have someone start the game. Once started, the logs will have to roll back and forth from base to base. The people will have to get from their base to the other side by avoiding the logs, jumping over them.
    • If the people touch the logs they with become a log also. The logs can stick their hands or feet in the air to try to tag the people.
    • A person cannot stay on a base for more than ten seconds or they will become a log.
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    Call the winner. Whoever is the last standing person, wins the game.


  • Remember, a soft floor or fitness mats are recommended to prevent injuries.
  • If you are a teacher, day care sitter, or a babysitter of multiple children, this is a good fitness game. Though be careful so no one gets hurt


  • If you or someone can get nauseous very easily, you should not be a log. Once tagged, sit out.
  • Remember to play on a clean carpet or soft surface and not outside.

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