How to Play Quidditch World Cup

The perfect party game at Halloween, this is a form of Quidditch for the earthbound with high-flying imaginations. This one uses everyday brooms and balloons; while not quite the same as a "snitch", balloons do capture the elusiveness and slipperiness of a snitch!


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    Create two teams of at least 4 people per team. The more, the merrier and the longer the game will go for. Have them pair up in their team.
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    Draw or mark out two lines. These two lines should be at least three metres apart. One of these lines should be designated the "starting line".
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    Ask one pair per team to come forward and get ready to play. Have each pair face one another. One person should stand at one line and the other player opposite on the other line. Make sure that the opposing pairs have sufficient space between them to try to avoid collisions during play.
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    Hand each player behind the starting line a broom and a balloon each.
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    Start the quidditch! The aim of the game is for each starter person to sweep the balloon to his or her team-mate opposite. The team-mate then takes the balloon and sweeps it back to the start line. The first one back is the winner and the other pair is eliminated.
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    Continue playing until all pairs bar one from each team have been eliminated. The final two pairs represent one team each and the winner of this gets the Quidditch trophy.


  • The Quidditch trophy can be whatever you feel is appropriate - something related to Harry Potter, something Halloween-like, a plastic trophy cup from the dollar store etc.
  • Balloons are wayward; expect crossing over into the way of the opposing team's pair. When this happens, breaking the balloon by the other team's member is fair game. This sends the pair with the burst balloon scuttling back to the starting line to begin again.
  • Burst balloons mean that a team has to quickly run back to the starter line and get a fresh balloon.

Things You'll Need

  • Numerous pre-blown balloons
  • 1 broom per team
  • Chalk, ribbon, twine etc. for marking the ground lines

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