How to Play Poor House

Poor House is an entertaining kissing game. Much like musical chairs, you will be running around to get a seat, but the difference is that you will be paired off. The couple left with no chair at the end will be sent to the middle to kiss in front of the other couples and then pick who runs for a chair next, including themselves.


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    Everyone needs to get into pairs. You may have to kiss your partner so make sure it is someone you are willing to kiss.
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    Each couple will have a number, so count off from one to however many couples there are and remember what your number is.
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    Set one chair in the middle and have other seats surrounding the center seat to make a large circle.
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    Each couple will have one chair to sit on, so one person in each couple will have to sit on their partner’s lap. There will be one couple sitting in the middle and the rest in the surrounding chairs. There cannot be any empty seats.
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    The duty of the couple in the middle is to call off the numbers of any couples they want. Either specific numbers, odd, even or “poor house”, which means all the numbers.
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    Once the middle couple calls out the numbers, everyone whose number was called and the middle couple have to run to another seat in the surrounding circle. Whoever does not have a seat will have to sit in the middle and kiss.
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    When running to a new chair you cannot go to the seat next to you and you cannot let go of your partner’s hand. If you do either of these you automatically get sent to the middle and have to kiss.
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    Keep playing for as long as you want. This game does not have an ending, so play as long as you want.


  • Have fresh breath.
  • Be prepared to kiss in front of others, and just have fun.
  • There should be at least ten couples. You can have less than that but the more people participating, the more fun it will be.
  • Run as fast as you can, but know where your partner may be heading.
  • Choose someone you do not mind being partners with.


  • Watch out for others and yourself while running.
  • If you feel uncomfortable kissing in front of others you can be entertained by watching everyone frantically looking for a chair.

Things You'll Need

  • Chairs or benches
  • Enough people willing to participate

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