How to Play Pac Man on a Mac

Originally an arcade game released in 1980 in Japan, Pac-Man is a classic game that has weathered the test of time to remain as popular today as it was when first launched.[1] If you have a Mac, and a dose of nostalgia or curiosity, here is how to play Pac-Man on your computer for free.


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    Download Pac The Man X.
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    After the file has finished downloading, drag the folder "Pac the Man X" into your application folder.
    • Note: Your folder will probably be blue unless you made the cool change seen in this image.
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    Open the folder and click on the icon that has a smiley face.
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    Click the character that you want. You can choose Mrs. Pac-man, Mr. Pac-man, or Double Pac.
    • Double Pac is when you play with both Mrs. Pac man and Mr. Pac man. See the characters in the image:
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    To change the settings or to try something new, click one of the buttons on the main menu of the game. See the buttons in the image:
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    Have fun playing the awesome 3D Pac The Man X Game!


  • To change the controls on the control menu, click the bullet next to the one you want to change and then press the key you want to change it to. For example, "Pause" is set for space, click bullet point, click key (for example, "P").
  • If you don't want to download something on your computer and you just want a quick game of Pacman, you could always go to: . Click on "Insert coin" and use the control arrows on your keyboard to move your way around. There are only a few levels, but it's great for people who only want a quick game of pacman.


  • This might not work on all computers.
  • This wikiHow article refers to an unlicensed clone of the original Pac Man game(s) that is not supported or endorsed by Namco Ltd. in any way. Unfortunately there is no "true" licensed standalone version of the Pac Man game that is currently available for Mac or PC, but there is a licensed browser-based version available at either the aforementioned or

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