How to Play Offensive Lineman

Three Parts:Being at your physical peakPerfecting your game playHaving the right attitude

The offensive lineman is one of if not the most important offensive position in football. When most people watch football they would say that the Quarterback is but if it was not for the offensive line, the quarterback and running back would not be able to do anything! Read on to find out how to become a pro at offensive lineman.

Part 1
Being at your physical peak

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    Get into and stay in shape. Lift weights about four to five times week. Do targeted workouts including the bench press, hang clean, squat, dead lift (which is also called the core lifts).
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    Bulk up. Start lifting weights. Coaches don't want that tall thin muscular player. Coaches prefer big powerful players who can dominate a defensive lineman.
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    Eat healthily. Avoid high-calorie fast food restaurants. Buy some lean meats bake them. On the side, consider foods like white rice, green beans, broccoli, and other greens. Pasta is a great choice as well.
    • For a post-workout meal, have something with a lot of protein in it. Most people skip this step you have to eat with in thirty minutes after you lift to help build more muscle.
    • Drink shakes, eat more meat and protein, anything to help you get into and stay in shape.

Part 2
Perfecting your game play

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    Wear all of the gear your coaches and trainers tell you to wear. Ask your trainer for knee braces. They'll help you in the long run and also may prevent serious knee injury. Additionally, ask your trainer to tape up your wrists and ankles.
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    Practice the stances. The offensive two point stance and the three point stance are the stances you will need to master along with the various types of blocks Power step, kick step, drive block, reach block, down block, and pull step.
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    Work on footwork. Enter a fitness camp. If you are slow, then you need to get in speed and agility camps. Footwork is really important for offensive lineman.
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    Improve your speed. Go to speed and agility camps to help you get quicker. Coaches love lineman that can move.

Part 3
Having the right attitude

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    Live up to the challenge. You may be strong, you may be quick, but the most important step is courage, and having a good work ethic. You should always give 100 percent effort.
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    Get fired up before each game. Different thing will help different people you might listen to music to get fired up or you might be the type of person that saves it for the field (important note to add do not overdo it trying to get fired up and time the game started theirs is not any -thing in the tank).
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    Have fun. The game of football is a fun one to play so just have fun and play it.


  • Stretch prior to each game.


  • Keep your head up.
  • Balance the amount of food and exercise you do. If you eat a lot of food but drive everywhere you will get obese and have a risk of a heart attack if you sprint for long periods of time. Go to the gym and lift some weights and run on the treadmill but run fast or you will fall off. There is also a limit to how much exercise you can do at the gym each day.
  • Don't overdo it on the shakes, or any of those meals that can increase your weight.

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