How to Play Long Toss

Throwing long toss helps build the arm muscles, which in turn will help you build velocity and distance in your throws. This type of exercise is mainly used for outfielders, catchers, and pitchers. If done right this will help you develop a cannon for an arm.


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    Find a football field where yard markers are shown. These yard markers show how far you are throwing,(1 yard = 3 feet).
  2. 2
    STRETCH!!! If you do not stretch before throwing, you run the risk of injuring your arm.
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    Start off kneeling, making sure to go through the entire motion of throwing. IE: shoulders facing your target, arms separating forming a T, and finally driving your glove and non-throwing shoulder to your target. Increase the distance as you go. Be sure to take your time while warming up. Also while throwing make sure you are trying to throw the ball through the person you are throwing with.
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    When you can't reach your throwing buddy anymore from your knees, stand up and continue to try to throw through your partners head/chest with the ball. This helps you get a good idea of your release point while throwing.
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    Remember the most important thing about this process is to not overstress your arm. Don't try to start out throwing 60 yards (54.9 m) on the first day. Work up to further distances as your arm strength improves. This might take a few rounds of long toss but the end results are definitely worth it!
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    As your arm tires, have your partner come in about 5 yards (4.6 m) each time you throw. This process helps your arm "cool down" so to speak. After you're done make sure to stretch your arm and ice it for about 20-30 minutes to help it heal.


  • If this exercise is done right it will help you throw the ball harder and faster than ever.
  • A "game" my coach once taught me was to have the throwers aim for the chest and head while throwing. The chest counts as one point while the head is two, the first thrower to reach a certain number, usually 10, didn't have to do 10 push-ups. This will keep the throwing competitive and fun.


  • DO NOT OVERSTRESS YOUR ARM WHILE DOING THIS EXERCISE!! It may take a while before you can build up a 60 yard (54.9 m) throw on a line.
  • Don't throw a whole lot in cold weather, this could hurt your arm more than you realize. If you are going to throw in cold weather be sure to stretch very good and put an ice/heat pack on your arm after throwing.

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