How to Play Hide and Clap

Two Parts:Before you BeginPlaying the Game

If you saw the horror movie "The Conjuring" you probably remember the hide and clap game the family plays in their new home. The game combines the ideas of Hide and Go Seek and Marco Polo. Grab some friends and read on to learn how to play!

Part 1
Before you Begin

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    Find people to play with you. You only need two people to play this game, but it can be more fun and challenging if there are multiple people hiding.
    • One person will be the seeker.
    • All other players will hide.
    • Consider the ages of the other players. Unless there is an adult keeping an eye on things, you might not want a blindfolded toddler running around as the seeker. Hide and Go Seek might be better for a player under 6 years old.[1]
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    Choose somewhere safe to play. Because the seeker is blindfolded, it's important to choose a place where they won't easily get hurt. Try not to play near a busy street, traffic, or a steep drop-off if you're playing outside. If you're playing inside, make sure you lock doors that lead to stairways.
    • Set the boundaries. If you don't want anyone to go in certain areas--like your parent's room, upstairs, or the basement--make sure everyone knows and agrees to stay out of these areas.
    • Decide if it's okay for people to hide in things, like dressers or closets.
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    Choose a signal for when the game is over or everyone should come out of hiding. It's often "Olly, Olly, Oxen Free!"[2] but you can choose any phrase you'd like. Just make sure everyone knows the signal.

Part 2
Playing the Game

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    Choose the seeker. There are countless ways to do this: rock, paper, scissors; drawing straws; eenie, meenie, miny, moe; or yelling "not it," with the last person who says it becoming "it."[3]
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    Blindfold the seeker and have her spin in a circle while counting to ten. You can use a scarf or bandana or any scrap of fabric as a blindfold. The spinning will disorient the seeker so she doesn't know which direction she is facing or what obstacles are in her way.
    • If you don't have a blindfold, the seeker can just close her eyes. Just make sure she doesn't peek!
    • The seeker can count anywhere from 10 to 100. If people need more time to hide, try counting to 25 or 50.[4]
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    Run and hide! Everyone else scatters to find a hiding place.[5] Try and keep quiet as you find your spot, though the seeker will have a hard time figuring out which direction you went since she'll be spinning.
    • You may change your hiding place at any time, but if you're noisy you may get caught!
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    Seek the other players. Once finished counting, the seeker begins searching for the other players. If you are the seeker, use your hands to guide you so you don't bump into anything, and listen carefully. Players may be breathing heavily after running to find their hiding spot and this may lead you in their direction.
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    Shout for the "first clap". The seeker can ask for three claps during the game (first, second, and third clap), and the people hiding must clap their hands.
    • Don't waste your claps! You only have three chances, so try not to use them all right away or one right after the other. Pay attention to other cues--breathing, giggling, creaking floorboards--to help you find the other players.
    • The players who are hiding can change hiding places. Just be aware of how much noise you are making!
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    Choose a new seeker. The game ends once the seeker catches someone who is hiding, and that person becomes "it." If the seeker uses all her claps and can't find anyone, she may give up and call the signal that the game is over, usually "Olly, Olly, Oxen Free!"
    • You may want to use a timer so the game doesn't go on too long and become boring.
    • If the seeker doesn't find anyone, she must take another turn as the seeker.[6] But if someone else wants a turn, it's okay to switch. It may be frustrating to the seeker if she never finds anyone!

Things You'll Need

  1. At least two people
  2. A blindfold

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