How to Play Good Defense for Basketball

Are you in a basketball team or camp and the other team has the ball? some kid runs by you and scores a lay-up? Tired of it? This guide will show you how to make that stop happening by playing good defense.


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    Make sure that you and your teammates know who you are guarding. You don't want to leave anyone on the team open. Point and yell "I've got 33" for example.
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    Stay low. You don't have to overdo it, just keep your knees bend and be ready to move if the person you're defending tries to run away. As long as you aren't too low you'll be faster than him every time.
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    Be aware of the ball. If the person you're guarding has the ball, keep one hand above the ball and one hand on the side. Your hands don't need to touch the ball, or even be right next to it. Just keep them near it. If he goes right, keep your left hand on the side, and right hand above. Reverse this if he goes left.
    • Let's say your man puts the ball above his head. This is what we call the "Dork Position". To get the ball away from him, put your hand on your his stomach, so he has no way to bring it down. Then, reach up and slap the ball out of his hands. Sprint after it, and grab it. Easy turnover.
    • If your man tries to drive, you can stop him by 'bumping the drive'. You do this by put most of your weight on the foot opposite of the way your man is trying to drive. Then push off, hard. you will end up in the path of your man. Now, put your chest out and bump him. Not to hard,but hard enough to displace him.
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    Keep your eye on your man's belly button. While he can fake moves with nearly every other part of his body, he can't fake with his belly button.
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    First you must extend your arm to give space between you and the person with the ball so he doesn't blow you by and and go for a lay-up.
    • If he is close to the basket, shoots, and misses, box-Out. Boxing out is when you're in front of someone while you're trying to get the rebound and pushing your rear end out so he can't get it.


  • Avoid touching your opponent when he is shooting. This will result in your opposite team shooting free throws. Instead, hit only the ball down.
  • Stay in front of your man, don't let him cut to the basket easy.
  • The best defensive move is stealing. To steal the ball be facing your person that you have to guard but watch the person with the ball. If the person with the ball passes the ball to the person you are guarding, jump out and try to grab the ball. It is easiest to just tip it and then run after it faster then the other person. Also, it is easiest to steal chest passes instead of bounce passes.
  • If he is behind the 3 point line give him more space then usual.


  • Be careful when raising your hands while he shoots. He can pump a fake, blow past you, and go for a lay-up.

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