Method 1
Dead Man

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    Have 3-6 people. Try asking parents or anyone else who is around.
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    Pick one person to sit in the middle with their eyes closed and count to ten out loud. When done, someone must say "Dead man rise".
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    The person in the middle must crawl or roll with their eyes closed to try to touch someone on the trampoline. The other players can do anything but jump over the dead man. When someone is touched, they are the dead man. It adds a dramatic affect if played at night, but players must make sure the dead man doesn't fall off.
    • If there is a disruption, the dead man has to count to 5 with his eyes closed and the game starts again.

Method 2
Poison Ball

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    Put 1-5 balls on the trampoline with 1-5 people trying to avoid them. You may make up your own rules to when someone touches one. (dying, getting out, etc.)
    • If you want to put a bit of a spin on this game and use your imagination, use different soft objects like stuffed animals.
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    When someone gets touched, they fall down.
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    Someone has to go over and "revive" them.

Method 3
Crazy Chicken

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    3-5 players.
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    One person is in the middle while others run around him.
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    The one in the middle is the "chicken", he/she has to knock down everyone at once to win.

Method 4

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    Gather 2-5 people.
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    Get one person, who isn't playing, to spray the other players with a hose.
    • If everyone wants to play then you can put a sprinkler under the trampoline instead
    • You might slip off of the trampoline if you play this game, so it is best if you have a net surrounding the trampoline for this game.

Method 5
Pop the Popcorn/Crack the Egg

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    Get at least two players to play this game.
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    Have one player sit in the middle of the trampoline. Get that person to tuck their knees up to their chest and have them hug their knees as well.
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    Get all of the other players to start jumping. The players continue jumping until the "egg" or "popcorn" cracks/pops (until the player in the middle gets out of the position that they started the game in) as this is the objective of the game.

Method 6
Cherry Bomb

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    Assemble one or more players. Choose any soft large ball like a volleyball or a basketball.
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    Have everyone stand on the trampoline. Once standing, have someone throw the ball in the air and yell out: "Cherry Bomb!"
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    Everyone is free to do anything but get off the trampoline to avoid being hit. If you are hit, you lose a 1 out of 5 lives. If the ball falls off the trampoline, everyone loses a life.
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    Keep playing until the last person is left alive. Swap around the ball thrower and keep playing until everyone is tired.

Method 7

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    Have two to four people stand in a circle on the trampoline.
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    Have someone begin counting. Jump three times in sync. (One...two...three...)
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    On "sit", everyone lands on their bottoms. If everyone lands at relatively the same time, one or two people will fly up really high. If you do it enough times you'll start to get it and the thrill of going up that high makes you want to keep playing.

Method 8
Wild Boar

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    Choose at least 4, or more, players.
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    Blindfold one of the players. This person must stand in the middle.
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    Everyone else stands around this person, a little distance away.
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    Ask the blindfolded person to run around like crazy. He or she must try to touch someone, while everyone else keeps bouncing away.
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    When the blindfolded player touches a person, he or she must guess who the person is.
    • A correct guess means that the roles swap.
    • An incorrect guess means that the blindfolded player has to chase and guess again.
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    Continue until you're all too tired or bored with the game.

Method 9
Barrel Run

This is a 2-person game.

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    Make one person the barrel. The other is the person jumping over the barrel.
    • If one of the players is a lot younger, that person should start by being the barrel, as it's easier.
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    Have the barrel roll around the trampoline. The barrel must try to knock the other person down.
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    The jumper must try to avoid the barrel by jumping.
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    Change roles now and then.

Method 10
Stealthy Ninjas

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    Gather 3 - 8 people.
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    Pick 1 person. This person is the ninja.
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    Blindfold everyone but the ninja. The ninja is able to see all the other players.
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    The ninja has to trip everyone without kicking, punching or seriously injuring someone or falling down.
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    The blindfolded people have to try to either 1. not get "ninja'd" or 2. knock down the ninja player.
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    Change frequently to keep the fun level high.

Method 11
Make a Move

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    Gather 3-5 players. Have everyone line up on the side of the trampoline, forming a single file.
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    Start. The first person will start by doing a move/trick. For example, a front flip, side flip, back bounce, etc.
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    After the first person has finished, they run to the back of the line as the second person moves up.
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    The next person in line does another move/trick that is different.
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    Keep going. This continues until a player does a move that is too similar to one already done, or can't think of a move. They are then out.
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    Pick the winner. The game continues until there is only one person left.

Method 12
Corn in the Cornfield

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    Have 3 or more players. Choose one person to be "It", or the "corn".
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    Everyone but the "corn" comes off the trampoline. Pick names for each other, such as: flower, pie, tree.
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    Once everyone has a name, add an extra name to the list of names. Tell all of the names (but don't say to whom they belong), including the extra name, to the player who is It.
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    Everyone then goes onto the trampoline and plays "deadman". When a player is caught, the "corn" tries to guess his or her name.
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    If the "corn" guesses correctly, then that person take the place of the corn as "It". If not, the game continues.

Method 13
Game of Tramp

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    Gather 2-5 players.
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    Have one person set a trampoline trick.
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    Ask the others to copy the trick.
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    If you fail, you get a T, then an R, then an A, then an M, then a P. Once you get the whole word "tramp", you are out.
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    Play until you have a last person standing, who is declared the winner. Repeat if wished.


  • When playing on a trampoline, play fair and take turns playing the games.
  • Don't force anyone to play. They may be scared of the game.


  • When playing popcorn, be careful! It's best to have a net. People sometimes do double back tucks in the air and then land on their neck, causing pain and ongoing problems.

Things You'll Need

  • Trampoline
  • Balls
  • Net around trampoline (optional but strongly recommended for safety reasons)

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