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Forza Motorsport is a racing game that was released in 2005 for only the Xbox console. If you are confused or getting frustrated with the game this guide will help you solve your problems. You came to the right place.


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    Insert the game disc. It will work with the Forza Motorsport disc in. Simply it will load but this problem will occur if your disc is dirty or damaged. Clean it with water on the back of the disc. There can be scratches because discs are fragile and can break easily. So always clean it with a soft, lint-free cloth.
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    Choose your game. If you have the game that includes the bonus feature, Xbox Live Arcade, You will get the dashboard menu that has "Forza Motorsport" and "Xbox Live Arcade". Choose Xbox Live Arcade if you want to play some arcade games, If you want to play Forza Motorsport, Simply press "A" on the Forza Motorsport Feature.
    • The Main Menu features one of those choices after loading or creating a profile on the game.
      • Arcade Race: This is simply the quick race mode. You can race at a circuit, sprint, or a very interesting race. Just simply choose a class and choose a car and then choose a race and the race will load, Also the cars are featured in multiplayer, career, and free run mode.
      • Career Mode: Actually this mode is the only mode to unlock cars and customize cars. It will be at the garage. Once you win a race, you may unlock a car and it will be added to your garage. The first car is a Lexus One. Unlock more cars and complete more races but if you did all of it, You are a winner.
      • Multiplayer, It's the mode where a friend or a parent can join as a 2-player. It's a 2-player mode, Go to head-to-head and you will get the split-screen that shows your car on the screen and your 2-player car.
      • Time Trial, Show your best to see how fast your car will complete in 1 minute or 5 minutes on a record.
      • Free Run, A mode where no operands are there but your the only person that can be featured in the Free Run mode, you can race by yourself and pretend that it's a time trial race or go fast without any opponents trying to win.
      • Options, Simply use this to setup your settings, sound, sfx, and more.
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    Just make a quick race by the Arcade Mode. The first three tracks are Maple Valley II, Silverstone II, Tsukuba Circuit. You must complete all of them if you want to get more races like for an example, Road Atlanta II.
    • The Career Mode has a short menu and a short things but it's like the main menu. The choices are:
      • Go Race, the Go Race mode is where you race to earn credits (money) and you unlock more tracks and stuff like cars. Simply if you race all of them, You're winner.
      • The Garage, Nothing special but the garage is where you keep cars, Customize a car or go into another car for the race. You must race in tracks if you want to get all of the cars.
      • Buy Cars, The mode is the where you can buy cars anytime you want but only if you have enough amount of credits, You can get cars from any country, the pictures are the flags of their country. And simply in the middle left corner of the screen, It will tell you the country (i.e. Sweden). And you get a car and it will be added into your garage.
      • Train Drivatar, You know that you can easily train a drivatar (a driving avatar), which you can train by selecting a drivatar's profile or creating one, and there is a menu. You can train it anytime you want to.
      • Set Difficulty, It will set the difficulty to the easiest setting to the hardest setting.
    • The Multiplayer menu will feature the choices that will usually do with a Xbox account:
      • Xbox Live, Compete with other players around the world who play Forza Motorsport and you can also join a Car Club if you like.
      • Split Screen, You can see yourself and your 2-player in this mode. It will split the screen into half. Simply, your facing into your screen and the other player faces into the 2nd player screen. Your racing into head-to-head.
      • System Link, Only for people who only signed in a Xbox Live Account. You can race with other players in the network or a hub.
      • Scoreboards, Go to see who was fastest in the race you have.
      • Xbox Live Sign In, Nothing special but to just login or sign up. Sign up means to create a account and join. Login means to sign in into your account.
    • Free Run features three races to choose from, here's are the choices:
      • Hot Lap, It only features circuit races. Choose it to race around the track and there is unlimited laps.
      • Autocross, This is a very tricky race, Race with cones and you must stay on the street. The time will be penalized if you have a missing gate or knocking the cones down.
      • Point-to-Point, Sprint tracks only, You can practice with any car on a sprint race where you must not go around a track but finished into a location-to-location.
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    You are done with the menu basics and choices, Now, pick a racetrack, like Road Atlanta, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Maple Valley, or anything to choose from.
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    Pick a class and a car, There are those classes, they are: Classes A, B, C, D, S, R. They also have a your car option. It will show your cars you got.
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    The Options Panel opens automatically after choosing a car, Press "OK", and be patient while the race is loading, It will show what time, wind direction, wind heading, and miles.
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    To accelerate, Press the Right trigger to make the car engine running. To reverse, Press the Left Trigger Button. Press the B button to hand brake, Or use a control manual or so.
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    Go! Once at the beginning of the race, Instead of a "3, 2, 1, Go!" or "Ready, Set, Go!" They have those blue circle things. There are three of them and make some kind of noise, They disappear at each second. When every thing is gone and when you hear the "eerrr". You start to race and you can go fast as you want as long as you don't hit anything but you do this by an accident.
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    The Arrows. You can see those flat arrows on the road, They feature in almost every race except for Autocross race which makes it more trickier. The green arrows mean that you can turn it easily and the yellow arrows means it's normal but be careful with the roads and the red arrows means a hard and sharp turn. You must slow down speed when you see the red arrows. That's how the game works.
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    To Steer: Use the left thumbstick and to turn to the left, move the thumbstick left, and to turn right, make the thumbstick right. The right thumbstick will be used as a camera.
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    To Pause the game, just press the "Start" button and it will show, If you see that if you are lonely and wanted a operant, choose the "Ghost car" setting and turn it on.
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    Replay the Race: If you want to see how well you did, use this feature to see a video of the race and it will show you turns for some reason.
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    Have fun and enjoy the game! If you like this game and if you have a Xbox 360, you can get the sequel "Forza Motorsport 2", The sequel is only for Xbox 360 players. The new game, Forza Motorsport 3 is coming to release in 2009.


  • To drift around, Just use the brake and then the hand brake and make a turn using your left thumbstick.
  • To create a account, Type in your name on the profile or make yourself up a name than your name. Simply called like "Racecar Man"or "Race Tracker". Whatever you want to have as your profile name. This is to create a profile when you first starting to use it.
  • There is one of those test things called "Test Tracks", They have Oval, Drag, and more. To simply pretend to drag, Race and pretend that you are going to press the X for a perfect shift.


  • Autocross Racing: Make sure you don't cheat by going off the street and going back on the street because you will get the time penalized for missing a gate. Also avoid hitting the cones or you will be penalized.
  • Xbox Live: If you don't have a account the System Link, Split Screen, and Scoreboard modes are blocked and you cannot access. You may have to sign up and register an Xbox Live account.

Things You'll Need

  • A Xbox console (required to play the game).
  • Xbox live Account (optional)
  • A Friend to play as a 2-player (optional)

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